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All guys are Jerks [or my ant guilt complex] - Friday, October 08, 2004
Well.. I think I'm starting to lose my already fairly loose grip on my sanity...

Thursday, I was on the bus, and I noticed an ant crawling up my leg. I was aware it must have come with me from my house. Anyway, without thinking much, I flicked off and forgot all about it.

It was only later in the day that I felt really, really guilty - would a new ant colony accept an outsider? a stranger in effect? how would my poor little ant, so far from home ever get back to his/her family?! this poor little creature would probably be terrified - a totally new environment, none of their support network of friends and family - and no hope of getting home! s/he'd starve!

Yes... I worry about insane things.

On to a less disturbing look at my psyche. Mum wanted to go and see the flower this evening that is at the botanical garden and only flowers once every 50 years for a period of 48 hours. I wanted to go as well, but apparently over 3000 people were waiting to see it so we didn't go, as we assumed we'd be too late. Ptch.

I still maintain my theory that all guys are jerks, excluding dads, who are only jerks sometimes. Those guys that are not jerks are an extremely rare find and I urge all women with non-jerkish guys to cling like never before! CLING I SAY! [but not to the extent where they become disturbed and leave you for being obsessive]

Anyway, have a lovely weekend girlies and jerks, I'll post again soon! *hugs*



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