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recurring ex-boyfriend syndrome and the all guys are jerks theory - Sunday, October 17, 2004
Wow, I'm such a hypocrite! I always get frustrated when my favourite blogs have no new entries for ages, and here I am, not posting for a whole week! [the difference being, the blogs I read are well-written and funny and interesting, and have people who say that they're 'their favourite blog' whereas I doubt my blog is any of these things!]

Wow. This week has been a long one.. it just dragged on for ages and ages. I am currently going through the recurring ex-boyfriend syndrome. Also known as the hey, I thought we were over, doesn't that mean that you can't confuse me any more? syndrome.

Its what happens when exes invite themselves to your house, and you make out with them, and then afterwards, think to yourself "what on earth was that? WHY!!!!" So.. now i'm very confused. I know I won't get back together with him, and I don't want anything else. So why am I doing this to myself? I DON'T KNOW! and he doesn't get that just because I enjoy it, doesn't make it ok. Because, for me, it isn't. It doesn't feel right to screw around with him - it makes it feel like he doesn't want a relationship with me, but he wants to screw me. Well, wow, that's really flattering. PTCH!

Just another example of myall guys are jerks theory.
And you all know where I stand with that... ptch. Jerks. Tonight I'm going for coffee at teascapes with my girlies. It's the first time I've been out this weekend because my parents went away and so I spent friday and saturday night with my sis, watching girlie videos and eating take out! We also made our own cocktails, which rocked our socks.. semi!

I also did some uni work, which has to be a first! That was really it. Next weekend my uni girlies and I going to Newcastle to collect fossils! yay! ROADTRIP! so I'll be leading up to that in the next few posts!

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