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the TRIP! [or: Newcastle is the STIX!] - Monday, October 25, 2004
ooookay guys! I'm back from the stix!

We had the best weekend, it was a fabulous road-trip of foolishness! here is how it went!

We met up at Aimee's house on friday and sang all the way to Erina Fair, which is on the South Coast. Our songs of the weekend were The Darkness - I believe in a thing called love and Funky Town by whoever the hell that's by. Robbie Williams and Mickey J also featured prominently. I learnt 2 new words:

Piker - A person/people who go to bed early when everyone else is still partying, whether due to tiredness or being extra drunk!
Mickey D's - apparently the American word for MacDonalds! How cool is that.. I'm always going to call it that from now on!

Anyway, as per usual, the day by day account was...

Friday [Night]
Stopped off at Erina fair for boost juice and groceries before spending the night in a cardboard cabin in Scone [Hee hee.. Scone!] The drive from Sydney to Scone is supposed to be about... maximum 3.5 hours, but it took us over 7! we got to Scone at 10 pm!

Saturday, we had to be ready by 7:45 and oh my god, it must have been a first.. we were ready by 6:15! I dont think I've ever been awake by that time in my entire life! So, during the half hour we were waiting, we watched He-man on tv. [Crazy Scone tv! whatever!] we then drove in convoy to the second accomodation site to pick up everyone else. We waited around for a while and then left their campsite. We were playing "funky town" really loud with the windows down when we left and singing along, and everyone stared at us making a uni trip into a fun and memorable experience!

We went to the first dig site which involved trekking through a stream about knee deep and getting soaked.. which was fun, and we all found some interesting fossils there [as well as a scorpion!]

We left there after about 2 hours, and then the stupid people in front of us in the convoy drove so slowly that we got disconnected and had to find our own way to the next dig sites! it took us ages but we finally did get there and dug for only about 1/2 an hour because we got there late.

Then we drove on to our accomodation for that night, which involved driving down an unsealed road with a cow suckling her calf on it! we of course took photos like the yuppies we are. Did you know that some unsealed roads have no speed limits on? it was so much fun! anyway, when we got there, the accomodation was a scout camp that was really a 2 room shack. Basically, they had stones holding the roof on. Well, ok, not exactly, but the windows were broken, there was no proper floorboards, the doors wouldn't close and there was only foam mattresses to sleep on. And it was next door to a graveyard!

And, yes, I'm a camper from wayback and I can deal with that, if everyone else is.. but no one in our group really wanted to stay, so we left and went to stay with Alisons x10 coolnesses friends in Newcastle. [That was the original plan anyway, but our tutor told us newcastle was like, 4 hours away, which was bull, it was about 45 mins away!]

We went out for dinner with them to KFC, because nowhere else was open [even though it was a saturday night] and then went back and drank at their house. Which, I might add, has 2 bars. (what kind of house has 2 bars! The only excuse I can think of was it was built in the 1970s!)

We decided to skip the digsites that were close to the other accomodation and instead decided to go early to the 4th site. It was the biggest bitch to find... 4 hours! we drove around and around, including into what appeared to be a drug lords den! [well, we maintain it was!] Then we drove through someone's property up and down this road and imagined the banjo music in the background, because it was really yokel! We had so much fun...

Then we finally found it, and although the directions said, park at the bottom and walk up, we'd walked to other places looking for it, and hadn't found it, so we decided to drive up. It turned out to be a road that a 4 wheel drive would only just navigate! but our exec. Commodore took it like a man and even though we screamed when we thought we'd get stuck, we got to the top! So, it turned out to be the right place and we dug fossils there for a while before driving back to sydney. All in all, it was a really good weekend. So much fun, and I've been furnished with so many memories.. check out thesaying section of my ings on the right to see our new phrases of the weekend!

Sunday night I had coffee with Celia and told her all about it. My stomach muscles hurt from my FEWLish friends and their crazy talk!




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