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First Annual Hillsitters' Xmas in November Party! - Sunday, November 14, 2004
'Alo.. sooo... Yesterday was The First Annual Hillsitters' Xmas in November party!

Oooh.. it rocked my socks and a half! I got there a little bit late because if you follow the signs to Pennant Hills you go to the wrong place because Cindy lives in WEST pennant hills, which there are NO signs to.. ptch..

Anyway, it was so much fun, we ate first at this big long table on her verandah overlooking her garden which is a really beautiful expanse of lawn with bouganvillia flowers sprawling over from next door, and huuuuge gumtrees with creatures in em!

Then, when we were beyond tipsy, Kyle The Texan dressed up as santa clause and gave out everyones' secret santa pressies! and Cindy gave us all glow sticks and Aimee, Alison and I all organised it so we got pink ones! My secret santa pressie was from Aimee, she knows me so well, haha, she got me a miniature Dior Addict perfume, some earrings (I'm wearin' em right now Aims!) a teeny totally portable-put-in-my-uni-make-up-bag Kenzo perfumed body milk and.. a fly gun! so that I don't have to use Alison's thongs anymore (ew, fly blood!) I was really dissappointed when I got home there weren't any flies to swat! what the!

After that we all went downstairs and chatted and drank more, before Alison and I went out into the garden and sat with Cindy and Sz... then they unsubtly left us alone out in the dark :)

It was really cold and we just stared up at the stars and talked about anything.
Eventually I forced Sz to go with me to my car so I could get my jackets out and he could wear his own jumper, which he lent me. Even when we were snuggling it was still FREEZING! so we sounded really shaky :D

By this time, only those people who were staying over were left, so it was very quiet until they all sat on the veranda and tried to see what Sz and I were up to. (Yes, we could hear them whispering)Eventually we came up and spent time with them and at around 4:30 we went to bed downstairs. Despite the fact we were sleeping on the floor it was really pretty comfortable, and we were so tipsy and tired by then that honestly I could have slept anywhere.

In the morning I felt sooo unbelievably awful, because I mixed spirits. I'd had vodka and lemonade, jim beam and coke, southern comfort and coke, peach schnapps and peach iced tea, as well as passion pop (berry!) and passionfruit flavoured cruisers. And mulled wine too!(yeah, I was pretty tipsy) Cindy offered us bacon and eggs for breakfast and just the thought made me feel ill! but I actually had some and it was really good, I felt so much better after scrambled eggs, bacon, raisin toast and apple juice! And you guys know I never ever eat breakfast, EVER!

So then we were all feeling pretty ok, so we listened to Sz play guitar and went and played with the beachball and it was like, wow, I've never had such a relaxed, stereotypical dream sunday morning ever!

When we had to leave Sz was going to help me find an ATM for toll money but we couldn't find one, so he gave me some money for it instead, wasn't that so nice of him? remind me to bring it for him on thursday!

SO now I have exams to study for and I can't wait for them to be over! because something good happens after exams :) you'll never guess!

Anyway, it was prolly the best party I've been to: I didn't feel sophisticated, I wasn't that classy or elegant but I had so much fun and I felt like me, not some perfect person who was on display. Thankyou Cindy, we had so much fun!



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