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Szymon Says... - Thursday, November 25, 2004
Hey Guys.. my computer has totally destroyed itself.. AGAIN, so my dad is currently wiping everything off it. I cant believe this.. less than 2 months ago I had to have my harddrive reformatted. So, I'm not any closer to figuring out where I'm getting viruses from, and I'm stuck on my parents' comp. Which frankly is just ODD.. so not used to it.

Sz and I had coffee in Borders and then we went and saw Bridget Jones Edge of Reason, which was in my opinion better than the first, possibly because it had more character development. After that we went and sat on the grass at uni for a couple of hours and chatted. We even discussed my blog. He asked me what kind of things I write on it, and I told him stuff like... EVERY DAY I go past a building site on the bus, and this woman is just standing there watching traffic/leaning on a shovel! and I am getting to the stage where I wonder if she gets paid, or what her job title actually IS! it's getting to me, alright!

Anyway, Sz asked me if I've said anything about him, and suggested if I do, I say he's ~*FANTASTIC*~ so I thought I would. (Because he is) And now he knows I'm thinking about him too. (He refused to let me pay for anything and I have to figure out a sneaky way of stopping him from doing that!) Well, what other exciting news do I have?!

WELL... Tomorrow Janna has organised a bit of a dinnery girly night thing and I thought I'd drive to/from so that I can take less time, because I really want to go, but I have to study for MARINE GEOSCIENCE which is on tuesday. So I'll probably do that and possibly get some study in after I come back. Then I only have sunday/monday to study because I'm working saturday.

Sz and I are doing something in celebration of the end of our exams then, so I'm doubly looking forward to it. He introduced me to MochaBerry coffee at Borders cafe today.. its [semi] pink and tastes really berrylicious so I was totally impressed! He got chai and I still haven't figured out what a chai is but one day I'll get it.

Sz also explained to me the difference between latte and cappucchino. Here's me, uneducated, thinking, hey, its just a sprinkle of chocolate on top! nope. It's more technical. Latte has more milk content than cappucchino. So there you go. Next time you're having a latte, enjoy the thought that it has a specific ratio of milk:coffee which is substantially MORE than your average cappucchino. It boggles the mind, doesn't it?



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