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But you forgot one thing.. Im Captain Pinksugar, SAVVAY! - Thursday, December 09, 2004
Allo. Today was very high energy. It started off with me waking up and driving with Dad and Anna to the car dealership to get her car serviced, then we dropped her off at school and dad off at his work.

All of this complex manoevering purely so I could have the car to drive to Sz's. By this time it was only 8:30 and I'd get to Sz's house too early so I went over to Eastgardens and did some shopping for my stix excursion occuring next week.

I got..
* a Botany book (which has one plain and then one lined page) for field notes
* sunscreen
* a pink protractor
* phone credit so I can hound Sz to death whingeing about the stix and maybe even getting in touch with my parents.. haha

Then I grabbed some boost juice and set off for the wilds of Greystanes and Parramatta.

I got there at 10:20, and sat on the doorstep until they got back from putting Sz's car in for service. We spent the day watching Pirates of the Caribbean and went for lunch in Parramatta in Sz's car (after it had come back from being serviced)I love pirates of the caribbean. Kira Knightley is hot, and wow, a movie with Depp and Bloom is almost too much hotness to bear. (I said ALMOST lol)

It was a nice lunch place and well suited to our unexpected D&M. After that he drove me back to his house and I picked up my car and reluctantly drove home. Now I dont get to see Sz for a whole week. Hmph.

After I got home mum and I went into the city to Christmas shop. (I hadn't started until today. I'm a smart lil cookie) I got...

Anna's present
a mint green singlet with sparkly lace and sequins on the bust and a pair of earrings in the same colour, 3 connected mint green squares.

Dad's present
Some tea - 'Dragon Eye' Oolong tea
Cognac flavoured honey
A set of 2 spreadable thingoes: flask whiskey mustard and ploughman's pickle

Mum's present
garlic and lemon kalamata olives with a special bowl and spoon set (she chose that one herself)

I also got Sz something but I wont say what it is because he reads this occassionally, lol. I also bought a tshirt from Supre which I couldn't resist: it's pink with white writing:

Blondes have more fun
Brunettes can read

Heheh, my sister (the blonde) didn't like it, but Alerson (the blonde) did. I reckon she should get the "Im blonde, what's your excuse" tshirt, and we should wear em at the same time, WOOH!


Anyway.. it was a good day. Alison and I are looking for the 80's song with the guy with the high pitched voice who says something like.. "there's an angel *cant hear what he says* La DI dada da da da DAAAAAAA da, DAAAAAAAA DAAAAAA" we haven't found it but we did get rehooked on Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. The 80's were cool. Appart from the hair. And clothing. *shudder* LOL

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