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End of an Era (No more Maccas Bitch) - Friday, December 10, 2004
Hey everyone! today I quit my Maccas job, so now I only have one employer, and I dunno how I feel about that but I did get a reference.

So, let's all have a minute of silence for the passing of the period in my life, in which I was what is affectionately known in the business as a "maccas bitch".

And... let's congratulate Sz for his ability to read singing as it is written... even more amazingly, how it's written by ME. Does he feel special? Um, I dunno, but I reckon that's pretty dayum talented, per se. LOL.

WOOOH! I have the song I was addicted to.. So I've decided to have a retro week: Eurythmics and Cyndi Lauper.

So.. then mum and I got coffee and now I'm getting ready to go to the international night markets at Fox Studios with Celia and Jasmine. Should be good. I'm also supposed to be packing my bag for next week in the stix.

I dont wanna go, but they're making me! NOOOO.. its like, a week of no mobile reception, no sz, no internet (OH DEAR GOD NO!) and MILLIONS

no wait


of FLIES! but my trusty havaianas are coming along and I swear, if a single fly settles on my city-slicker skin its a GONER. Yeah, it'll be on the bottom of my thong. End of story. Ptch. Plus I packed some professional strength fly stuff, haha.

Oh well, there's a pool, but most of the time we'll be aimlessly tramping around the bush looking at rocks. Wooh. So looking forward to this. Actually, the good part is when I get back, Aimee and I get to say

This one time, at geology camp... MAHA!

Anyway, I hope you guys wont miss me too much, *SOB* I'm going to miss you soooo much... maybe I can fit my computer in my bag? hmm. Note to self: get larger bag. I need to fit both Sz and my comp/router/monitor in my bag.Hmmm..

This will prolly be the last you hear of me before I go so I love you all and I'll be back in one week bitching about the bottom of my thongs being black with flies and how the stix SUCKS!

Love your NON Maccas Bitch



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