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The Nightmarish Stix Trip - Friday, December 17, 2004
Hey guys, I'm finally back from the stix! as per usual, I'll have to give you a day-by-day rundown!

We spent the whole day driving and I got educated on yokel food when we drove past "Henny Penny Foods" which looks like a budget maccas. We reached the stix and got into a cabin; a strange coincidence, of all 8 girls in our cabin, ALL yes, ALL of us were due our monthlies. Very strange.
our first day out in the field and we got up at 6:00 am worked until 11:30 with approximately 1 hour for dinner and lunch only. This pattern was to repeat itself every SINGLE day, and I must say the lot of us found it very, very tiring.
Our second day in the field, saw the only girl in our workgroup who wasn't in our cabin have a severe accident:
She claimed that EVERY fence that we had to pass through (yes, they made us crawl through/under barbed wire fences) was ELECTRIC, including the one stretched across the stream. Because, of course they wouldn't put up signs advising a fence was electric if they knew a uni group would be walking on their property, and everyone knows that it would be perfectly fine to have an electric fence going through water...


Anyway, due to this misconception on her part, she refused to crawl through, and instead climbed on top of a big tree-trunk fence post, but instead of sliding down or jumping with 2 feet, she leapt with one, and fell awkwardly, leading to an extremely bad compound fracture between her knee and ankle. That's right. Stuck in the middle of some crazy rural property we didn't know the name of, with a broken leg, and our tutor freaking out and none of us knowing first aid.

The freaky thing is that the area had almost full bars of reception, the only place out in the field during our entire stay that did.

Unfortunately, due to our tutor freaking out, and me being the only one with reception, I had to make all the emergency calls, and then I had to hold a book over her face for 3 hours until the ambos came. Yes, I got very burnt. I know basic first aid but I sure as hell wasn't equiped to deal with such a severe break - she was on her stomach but her foot was twisted to face the sky, no joke!

After Monday, the week just seemed to stretch out and out, going on forever with trekking through the dust and grime and working without energy drinks or coffee until 12 midnight regularly.

Thursday was cool however, we did the exam and then all drove to the pub to get really really celebratorily smashed. Then some of the local yokels (maha, that rhymes!) tried to chat us up by getting our attention as follows:

"Hey, BIG JUGS" mmmriiiiiight, because, I reckon that they must get all the chicks with charming language like that, don't you think?

My friends have now decided to rename me B.J.

After we escaped from the CRAZY YOKELS who were wearing gumboots and.. wait for it.. BEANIES in 40 degree heat... we went back to camp where everyone lay on the grass and got further tanked. I got more and more bad tempered because I missed Sz, and I just could not wait to get home.

This morning, I was almost the most cheerful I'd been all week!
We drove back to sydney and I had time to reflect on the whole experience:

- I can be calm in a difficult situation and deal with it well, but people don't always appreciate your doing this: it shows them up.
- I can live on minimum sleep WITHOUT coffee or V. NO WAY! I don't believe it!
- I made a great new friend; Ashleigh, and got to know Aimee better!
- Most guys are total cockheads when surrounded by groups of girls doing more fawning than there was in the movie BAMBI
- People who make my friends cry can be made to feel extremely bad if my group feels its necessary
- Old Stripey is a good name for a bitch who obsessively compulsively wears stripes
- Camp food SUCKS
- just because you're a tutorer doesn't mean you're not just as, if not MORE juvenile and non-proffessional than us students...
- singing in the car and bitching in the room with all my friends was the total highlight of the trip...

Anyway, this is sooo long and Im working tomorrow. Tomorrow will be way busy: first I'm working, then getting ready for a party with Sz and his friends, driving my parents to Brighton Le Sands, then driving to Greystanes, leaving the car and letting Sz drive me to Penrith, where we'll stay the night at his friends house and then I'll finally get home...

Monday night I have a dinner with High School friends, Wednesday is Alerson's cocktails night and Thursday I'm supposed to be going to Mona Vale pub with Aimee and Ashleigh!

Anyway, I'm way tired so night night all, I hope this makes sense...



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