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Rosie and Sleep Deprevation Don't Mix - Monday, December 20, 2004
Hey guys.. I really haven't had much time to myself this weekend, and this week is shaping up to be the same..

Friday night I whinged to my sister about the horror of the stix, and determined to get me back to a civilized state of mind, we went for dinner at Bistro St. Pauls. I had lasagne, and she had nachos.

Then we drove around Chiefly and Matraville and Botany looking at Christmas lights. There are a couple of other places that people have suggested I visit, and I'm really excited to see them!

Mum and dad violently protested against our idea of getting lights up outside our house.. the conversation went something like this:

Me: Lets get Christmas lights! we don't have to go overboard, just a tasteful string of icicles along the front verandah!
Mum: Christmas lights can never be tasteful!

(talk about bah humbug mum!)

Anyway, saturday I worked and then drove my parents to Brighton Le Sands for my Dad's Christmas Work Party. Then I drove over to Sz's house and we went out to Penrith for a party his friends were having.

We went out to the RSL and I met a lot of his highschool friends who were all really nice. We then went to a bar called the Empire where they played heaps of cool 80's music like

girls just wanna have fun
walking on sunshine
Apple Eyes


We stayed over at Sz's friend Dave's house in Penrith and then we drove back in the morning, stopping for Krispy Kremes and his Grandma's house so he could pick up all his amps and leads and paraphenalia... including his way cool guitars, and his brother's bass (hee hee, Sz's guitar case has a sticker with 'trust me, I'm a guitarist' on it)We dropped it all back at his house and then drove our seperate cars back to my place because it was 500 degrees and I wanted to get changed, and we met up with Jasmine to have lunch in the city.

Sz took us to a really nice place called Cafe Tiffany's and we were all majorly full afterwards. We strolled down to Circular Quay and looked at the rocks market before it started raining, so we dashed back to the carpark.

In the evening, Celia Jasmine and I had dinner at a Thai place at the spot but we were all really tired and I got bad tempered from lack of sleep and coffee.

Today I really would have liked to have the energy to fix up my room before Christmas, but I'm just too tired so instead I'm going to go back to sleep before I go out for dinner in Bondi with Janna, Celia, Marija and Linda.

Meantime, I'm downloading Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2. How young do they sound in that song? and the FILMCLIP! THE YOUNGNESS! omg, they remind me of the Cure in that song.



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