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FIREWORKS: midnight with Sz & 7 hours in a spa - Sunday, January 02, 2005
Allo everyone.. can't believe I haven't written since wednesday. I've been pretty busy so I'll tell you about it all in review:

My sister and I decided to go out for dinner and chose Meat & Wine Co. at Darling Harbour because I had a craving for garlic mash. After dinner we dashed down to Coogee beach and had cocktails at The Coogee Bay.

Anna and I got up for our appointment at Creations Beauty (Kensington) which are the BEST waxers ever, they're so nice and they totally rock! We got our eyebrows done and I was so stoked to get mine reshaped, I hadn't had mine done for AGES and consequently looked like john howard on a bad day..

Then afterwards Anna dropped me off at Randwick to meet Celia and Jasmine for coffee in order to organise New Years Eve and Celia gave us our christmas present from her, which was perfume (mine was ECHO WOMAN by Davidoff. It's Pink!) and some bloom stuff, which smells gorgeous.

THEN... I dashed home to help Anna tidy up before our parents got back from the Hunter Valley, and to get ready to go out for New Years.

Anna and I (bearing munchies including Doritos, dips, mini ritz crackers, cheese, cherries and non alcholic sparkling wine...) met up with Jasmine and drove over to Rose Bay where there would be a good view for the 9 pm fireworks. They were frankly a bit disappointing but they DID have pink heart shaped ones which were pretty cool in my book.

Celia and Theo got there just in time for that and we all sat around and ate far too much. After the fireworks finished I had to meet up with Sz who was coming to pick me up so Anna drove me back and Sz and I dashed off to Greystanes to his friend Angelo's house for their New Years Eve Party.

We played pingpong, darts and did karaoke.. and after 12 o'clock, Sz, Angelo, Lisa and I went into the spa and due to the comparative coldness outside, stayed there from approximately 1 am until 7 am. Thats right. 6 hours in a spa. It was cool.

A little bit later Sz and I went back to his house and went to sleep. At around 1:30 we got up because his parents had organised a lunch with some of their relatives.

When they said lunch, they actually meant.. L.U.N.C.H.
Which included lamb, beef, chicken, veal sausages, potato bake, vegetables, salads... Eaten in the garden under big umbrellas.

All of which took some 2 hours to eat and digest before we went inside for dessert...
baclava, homemade baked cheesecake, vanilla slice, tea, coffee and a fruit platter.

It was the pinacle of my gastronomic life thus far. I don't think I've ever seen so much food outside of a restaurant! it was all so tasty I almost split my sides. It was really cool to listen to everyone speaking Polish too, because I've never really spent much time around people speaking any language other than english.

Fearing we might never need to eat again, Sz and I eventually said goodbye and set off for my house. We dropped my stuff, entrusted my mother with copious amounts of leftovers, a gift from Sz's mother, and went down to Coogee beach where the sand was still warm and the sky was still light with pink clouds. We sat on the beach for an hour or so and went to get coffee at a cafe on the front. We drove back to my house and I then forced Sz to come inside and talk to my mother, admire my bombsite bedroom and give me a running comentary on the CD's he was lending me.

He went home and I passed out, until 1:30 this afternoon. Which is 12 hours of sleep. GO ME!

It was an excellent couple of days, and I suppose now I'll have to get on with all the mundane tasks I've neglected, including..

+ Paying in my cheque
+ writing Thankyou notes to various people for their Christmas gifts this year
+ Buying Jasmine's Birthday Present (I'm combining it with her christmas present) and Celia's Christmas present..
+ meeting up with my girls before we go away..
+ FINDING my bikini top or BUYING a new one (I'm so upset, I've seriously looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find it.)
+ Posting pictures my mum took before I went out on NYE.

So until I've finished all that I wont be posting all that regularly. And when I've done all that, it will probably be time for our trip to the Whitsundays.

Until Next Time..



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