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The Horror Of the GENERAL PUBLIC - Saturday, January 08, 2005
Omg, so we've had another busy couple of days. Last time I posted I was talking about how I was going to a girly dinner which was great.. we had italian and did the usual catch-up session.

The next day, thursday, was Jasmine's birthday, and I met up with my uni girls (plus Nick) for coffee at starbucks, lunch at Rossinis on the harbour front and a shopping trip.(We couldn't resist with all the sales happening)

Then I went home to get ready for Jasmine's dinner, which I'm kind of frustrated about, since everything that could go wrong, did. I hope she still had a good time. Here's the list, beginning to end of everything that we weren't impressed with:
+ At the restaurant, not a single item was correctly served: the drinks order was wrong, they brought every person's orders at different times and were just generally useless and inefficient. It was almost impossible to flag them down and we ended up just walking downstairs since to ask for the bill would have meant sitting there for another 40 minutes.
+ The salsa club we wanted to go to was shut
+ So we went to a club we used to go to when we just started going out: which just reminded me of how tacky it was. Then some people that I don't exactly get along with showed up so that was uncomfortable...
+ To top it off, when we were waiting for Jasmine's friend to come and pick her up before we went home, some random freak tried to put a 20c piece down my crack. WTF?! Now seriously, I've seen people wearing pants that don't show at the back at all when they sit down. I've seen people showing a good 4 inches of ass. I wasn't showing more than 1 inch. Which was covered by my lacy top (you could see through it I guess, which was hint enough for him) but seriously what a dickhead.
+ The taxi driver also told us that he'd been robbed when he left the taxi for 5 minutes to have a sandwich!

Overall it wasn't exactly an exercise leading to my trusting the general public.

Friday I went to Manly beach with Sz and Angelo, and some of his other friends. They're all really nice, and the weather was perfect, so the day went really quickly and I got burnt even though I put sunscreen on. We obviously missed some spots. I wasn't really expecting for Sz and I to get any time at all to ourselves, but we did get a few moments with just us which was really nice, since I don't know if I'll see him before we both go away. To seperate locations. Hmph.

Appart from that, today I went shopping with my sisters for bras, and had lunch at Max Brenner's with one of her friends she went to high school with. So that was that. Noice.

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