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Rosie Gets Stressed Easily [RGSE syndrome] - Monday, January 10, 2005
Hey guys! so today has been semi stressful I have to say, and here's why!

1. I was meeting Celia and Jasmine for coffee at 9:30 AM and I woke up at 9:15. I managed to get there 10 minutes late, and have a shower, walk up there and help my mum unpack the shopping! go me!
2. I called up my bank which is supposed to have deposited some money in my account but it's not there, and even though I don't THINK I'll use or need it when I'm on my holiday to QLD, I really would have liked to have the security of knowing it was there BEFORE I go away. As it is, I'll have to ring up during my trip, and wonder whether it will come in this week.
3. I have to have my uni subjects sorted out today to get them registered online, which involved a LOT of rechecking of work I'd already done, but also finding mistakes in my counting and stuff like that, which totally freaked me out. Also, the site is down (beacause everyone wants to register) so I have to get mum to try to register my courses online when I'm away, or do it myself from an internet cafe! arg!
4. Sz is driving up the coast for 4 or so hours today, and I know, being a GUY, he wont even think to sms me to tell me he's alive and doing ok and chatting up hot chicks on the beach!

I swear, I let these things stress me out to the max, and I got so angry today that the money hadn't been transferred, it should have been in there over a WEEK ago. Hmph.

I got to see Sz yesterday though, which was really good. We had dinner at City Extra in Parramatta and then dessert at the restaurant he works at, the Sicilian. The waitresses knew it was for us so they decorated our plate with strawberry topping hearts around the plate, it was really sweet of them!not to mention tasty, AND pretty!

As per my cancerian nature I got clingy and emotional at the thought of not seeing him for 10 days. Mainly because I remember the LAST 10 days we spent apart was when I was in the stix and it SUCKED. Someone broke their leg the day we'd been going out a month. Nifty.

I expect serious tacky keychainage when I get back is all I can say of his trip away!
I want to find him a cute present when I'm away too. I've decided I'm going to try to take heaps of photos, so I'll remember everything!

Anyway, that's about it until when I come back guys! we're leaving tomorrow at 6 AM! Ew! whatever! but anyway, I'll miss you all and I'll back post everything I did while I was away when I return.


EDITED TO ADD: okay, alright, so he did message eventually. He got there fine. Lol.

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