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Rosie's belated New Year Type Review - Saturday, January 08, 2005
Haha, I'm so shallow, all my favourite blogs have given an introspective overall view of last year, and I hardly even said happy new years or anything. SO I thought I'd be a bit introspective and review 2004, even if I am a little bit late!

January was me spending lots of money and going out before I started uni.
I spent most of the month feeling extremely guilty and angry and stupid over something I'd done, and someone's total lack of discretion with information I'd given them.
I got to know the uni, made friends with some lovely people and got into the uni vibe, per se.
I went out to Blink for the first time, broke up with my long time boy friend, Ben, got back together with him, and broke up with him again. (Phew! talk about complex)
Went out with Matt, the cocksucking bitch. Ooops. I mean Matt.
My birthday. I fell out of contact with one of my uni friends, who virtually fell off the face of the earth. I don't even know if she's still at uni. I never see her. For my birthday I went to a psychic who told me lots of things, some of which have come true, and some of which haven't...
Nothing of note really happened in july. Just more of the same
Matt (the cocksucking bitch) revealed his mother's true side and she was basically crazy, controlling and INSANE. Henceforth she was called the Antichrist, and yet, we totally did not break up like we so TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE.
I'd had enough of the Antichrist so when Matt said his mother didn't want us to go out any more (via sms I might add. How year 10 is that?) I felt more than anything, relief. Aimee and I saw a lot more of each other this month and became way closer which rocked..
October saw the beginning of the Sunday Night w/ Celia and Jasmine Trend. Every sunday we get a snack/dinner and coffee and chat and bitch and have a wonderful time. October was also the month Sarah, Alison, Aimee and I went to the stix for palaeontology, which was sooo cool! we brought back fossils and invented a whole STACK of new words!
I developed a major crush on Sz and chased him down. Then, when I finally scored a date with him, I didn't realise we were actually going out. *slaps forehead* Rosie you're a dumbass. The momentous dating event occurred at Cindy's First Annual Hillsitters Christmas in November Party. (So named for our habbit of sitting on the hill at uni)
Started going out with Sz, went to the STIX (different part of the stix. I sure went there a lot this year, LOL) for a week which was the BIGGEST bitch and totally SUCKED, but met Ashleigh who is the BOMB and hot, got even CLOSER to aimee luv the fewl, and basically improved my uni relations like a billion percent. Celebrated New Years with both my friends from high school and Sz as well, and felt blessed to have been able to see and talk to so many people I care about.

+: Some great sex, some FABULOUS friends, some moments where I could have melted with the generosity and kindness shown to me
-: Some really STUPID people, ever having met the ANTICRHIST (anyone think I've got some anger with this?! LOL) Field geology!
Words I learnt: Ya FEWL! maha! mmmyeyas! smacktard, shag on a rock, cockspank, per se
virginities lost: smoking, southern comfort, short term relationships, uni, borders coffee, mona vale pub, quitting my job.

It was an ok year overall. The second half much more than the first. I learnt so much from all the diverse (if totally crazy) people I met, and got to know some old friends lots better. It was cool. I hope this year I'm less foolish, less fat and less clinging with those things that should really be let go. I have no real resolutions, per se, but I do wish for things, including more kindness and patience, more smiling, more wisdom. I hope for these things, and I hope for everyone to have them, not just me.

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