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The Day of Extreme Heat: The search for Pancakes - Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Allo everyone!

Yesterday I saw Sz for the first time in 2 whole weeks! so hurrah! I drove to his house and it was so hot that we just lay around and drank cool drinks and such. I fell asleep when we were watching cable tv because it was just so relaxing. (Sz now knows this is what you get when you combine tv, a sofa and someone playing with my hair on a hot day.)

We went and collected his dad and dropped him off where his car was being serviced, and then we drove to Leichhart for cold drinks, wanderage and a peak into the bookstores. Apparently it reached over 38°C so we just sat quietly and drank iced tea in the shade.

Later for desert I had gelato and Sz had pancakes (it was pancake day) from Nut'n'Fancy in parramatta and then we sat on the river bank watching the shadow of tv shows flickering through the windows of the appartments across the water.

Then I went home and today I collected and wrapped the last part of Sz's present and had coffee with mum in the city. I bought a strawberry shortcake calendar on sale for $2!

And that was the excitement of the last few days. I'm working tomorrow so I might not post til friday. We shall see!





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