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My Boyfriend Makes Better Pizza than Yours! - Saturday, February 19, 2005
Tonight was so good!

This morning I had my dentists' appointment, and had my teeth xrayed and whatnot, then drove out to meet Sz at his work. (My dad also came home from getting surgery on HIS teeth and was eager to show me his stitches..)

Sz and I had coffee and then drove to his house. His friends Dave (Mac) and Kelly (Kel) came over and the guys disappeared into the kitchen mysteriously while us girls sat out in the last of the sun on the verandah. Then about an hour later.. (no, seriously, what were they doing in there?!) they came back out, set the table and soon produced the BEST pizza ever.. they made 3 between 5 of us: Me, Sz, Kel, Dave and Sz's brother Andrew.

A margarita, a supreme and one with stuff I can't remember on it. (Of course my favourite was the margarita!) When it got dark, we lit candles, had tea, strawberries, ice cream and cheesecake. That's right. My boyfriend knows how to feed people right. He also makes good pizza.

We sat and chatted and eventually Kel, Dave and I headed for home. The weird thing was, when I got home, all the lights were off, and my sister wasn't in bed, and no one was awake so I don't know where she is! it was kind of creepy to come home and have the house seem so empty. I'll probably try and stay awake til she comes back, whenever that is!

I have to say though, I love Kel and Dave! they're the type of couple (slash people in general) that make you feel vaguely guilty for not being a nicer person. They make me feel like saying "where did you learn to always know what the right thing to say is?!"

Mmm, I hope one day I can be one of those people. In the meantime, my boyfriend makes better pizza than yours!





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