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My Craft Frenzy - Tuesday, February 01, 2005
Today I felt v. creative. I got up and decided to make cupcakes. I added pink food dye so they came out bright pink (yummy)

Then I met mum for coffee and later I decided to make a tiny yellow rabbit out of some felt I had from years ago when I last needed yellow felt. It's about 5 cm tall, and I couldn't get my digital camera to take a photo, but maybe soon I can scan the photos I took on my normal camera (which not surprisingly was also playing up. Hmmm..)

Tomorrow I'm buying some of the components of Sz's present, and then Mum and I are going to the Australian Museum which is having a exhibition on Ancient Egypt which should be interesting. Then thursday I'm seeing all my uni girls for shopping and coffee and friday, going over to Sz's house to have dinner with some of his friends. Noice. I also need to get my second QLD film developed. I just finished it today, so hopefully I can take it somewhere tomorrow to be developed!



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