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Pink Party Preparation and the SHOVEL LADY - Thursday, February 03, 2005
allo allo!

today I drove out to macquarie and met up with my uni buddies who I haven't seen since before Christmas...

we had coffee, shopped, had lunch and then settled down to shopping in earnest. On monday it is Aimee's birthday, and so we were talking about her birthday party, which has been decided (mutually by us pinkophiles) will be a PINK THEMED PARTY!!!

And, as we all just happened to be in Supre and just happened to see a dress that came in 4 shades of pink, and as there just happened to be 4 of us...

we decided to buy them, each in a different shade. Our intention is to go skanky slash glam: we bought some tiaras that were one sale for $3.00 and we're going to do our hair BIG, our makeup GLAM, our clothing PINK and partay hard.

I also got my photos developed from QLD and bought Sz. a Valentines day card.

He has tonsilitis so hopefully he'll be better by then. If not, I'm still going to drive over there and drop it off. Pfft.

2 random facts that I thought today:

1. - I'm relieved to see my favourite construction worker of my post on the 25th of November is still standing leaning on a shovel - I saw her as I passed today on my way to macquarie centre. I mean seriously, is that her JOB? to just stand and watch traffic?
2. - Mac. uni still loves me - they sent me the bill for this years first semester. Let's just say, I'm glad that I'm deferring payment. But hey, they want me back! *wink*

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