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Rain sounds so romantic on our corugated iron roof! - Sunday, February 20, 2005
Yesterday I went out for dinner with Celia and Jasmine at Teascapes, which was nice, we hadn't been there in ages and we haven't really been able to meet up properly for a while. Celia bought us bars of soap from the rocks markets and they're really nice; she got jasmine frangipani scented, and mine is pink grapefruit. It smells uber yummy!

After dinner I had to dash home and quickly get changed to drive over to Sz's house. (Jasmine and I walked up the road to meet Celia and I didn't want to totally soak the clothes I was going to wear since the last 2 days have been really wet.) I went and got Sz, and he directed me to P.J Gallaghers in Paramatta, which is an Irish pub. It was pretty cool, lots of tables in tiny rooms that flowed on from each other. I'd never been there before and it was pretty nice. It felt pretty surreal, I wasn't drinking because I was the designated driver. Sz found me some coffee though, which was so nice of him because I was freezing for a while. (No one else felt cold, because they were all drinking, of course!)

It was good re-meeting and meeting his friends, some of them I'd met (like Jenna) and others I hadn't. I drove Sz home around 1:30ish and the drive home was the fastest I've ever had - under half an hour! there was pretty much no one in front or behind me for at least 500 meters either way the entire journey.

Today I've been sitting at home doing nothing and I've been trying to convince myself to get dressed and go and get the Princess Diaries 2 from the video store. I'm still in my Pj's and its raining outside though, so its a matter of serious EFFORT. Hmm.

Anyway, Love and until next time!




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