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Randomage. (I love how you can add AGE to any word!) - Thursday, February 10, 2005
Sometimes I love just being able to write down my thoughts, without saying what I did during the day. Today I worked so there isn't really much to say about that.

But I was watching the Cindy Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun clip, and I'm positive that at LEAST some of the 'girls' in it are actually GUYS! In drag! and I'm not basing this on the almost universal ugliness the 80's instilled in teens the world over. (Especially girl's hair, as Kari will agree.) No really, there was serious guyness here. Correct me if I'm wrong.

*small pause*

Thought so. Moving on, what is with people who log on to msn, and then leave it on? now, ok, I'm sure we've all accidentally gone to answer the phone and forgotten about it, but I know people who are habitual I'm online but not actually HEREers

And I just don't understand it. I totally don't get the point. I always say hi to them because I know it frustrates them when they get back to have heaps of messages. *Devilish giggle* or maybe I just like talking to them. Hmm.

It's like, people who drive in the DAY with their lights on. I totally DON'T get it. WHY would you do that?! yes, I know people flash their lights at other people if there is a polie car or speed camera or something coming up, but an increasing number of people are travelling with their lights on, during the day. What, 40 degrees C and sunny, and you can't SEE without your high beams?

I think its a secret society who are trying to brainwash women drivers into going braless. They're called the High Beamers Society MAHA!

Alright, yeah, I didn't sleep last night. And today I worked. But I'm totally normal. And NO! I wasn't going to go and watch Extreme Makeovers!

Yeah, you all know its my favourite show!

Love you.




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