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I spent a lot of time in Coogee Today - Sunday, March 13, 2005
I had a really busy weekend. I started off working on saturday, and usually it's me, and 2 younger girls. They're only 14 or 15 and it's their first job, and they're also close friends, so I'm not surprised that they frequently don't show up for their shifts.

Anyway, because both of them had called in sick, one of the ladies from during the week took the shift, and it was me and her. They're all older women who are really nice, so I like working with them.

After work, mum helped me curl my hair for Anne's 21st party, but it didn't stay in very well. Sz came over and Dad drove us to North Sydney where the party was being held. We played pool, listened to the speeches and I got to ooh and ah over the gorgeous tiffany earrings Anne's sisters had bought for her. We caught a taxi back over the harbour bridge with Cindy and I was suddenly starving, so Sz and I went to City Extra at circular quay and shared fish and chips and garlic bread.

We went home and Sz stayed at mine for the first time. When I went into the front room where he was sleeping on the sofa bed to wake him up this morning, his skin was all soft and warm and he had that gorgeous morning smell that people get: all clean and warm and a hint of whatever aftershave/perfume they were wearing the night before, along with that special scent that is just 'them'.

It has to be one of the most alluring scents, and it was really really hard for me to not get into bed and go back to sleep for a while right next to him. BUT

We had decided to go for breakfast so I pulled him out of bed and we got dressed and went to Coogee and had breakfast on the front. I had an odd craving for scrambled eggs, so I got sausages, scrambled eggs, toast and a hashbrown, while Sz had yummy muesli, fruit salad and really thick, creamy yoghurt. Oh, it was really really good.

I still can't believe I ate that much breakfast: I NEVER have anything other than liquid breakfasts, I have juice or coffee and that's it, so this was an amazing, out of character SUNDAYISM, which may have been brought on by the fact that we had scrambled eggs at Cindy's, which was when Sz and I got together, exactly 4 months ago today. (Oooh, creepy subconscious scrambled egg cravings!)

After breakfast, Sz and I climbed up to our favourite spot above Coogee Beach, overlooking the whole suburb, and on a rock that has a fabulous view of the cliffs. It's beautiful there, and it's a good place to talk and relax and feel at ease with someone. We chatted and then got boost juice before Sz dropped me off and went home himself.

Then this evening, I went for dinner with Celia and Theo at an Italian restaurant in Coogee, and then had coffee and dessert at Randwick. It was a nice evening and I came home and watched Miss Congeniality with the rest of my family. It stated off just me watching it and they slowly crept in and watched it too, and I know that secretly they enjoyed it!





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