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The interview, parties and presents! - Thursday, March 10, 2005
Hey guys!!!

as you know, my dad is trying to update my computer to windows XP! he was on hold to microsoft for 40 minutes and he didn't get through. How bad is that! Ptch..

Anyway, this week is the second back at uni, and I found out about the job interview!

they told me that I got through to the second interview, but for training, I'd need to work full time (9-5) for three full weeks, and obviously, being at uni, I can't do this, so I had to turn them down. Even though I know I could have had the job, I'm still disappointed, and feel a bit like I wasn't good enough, because I really liked the sound of the job. But seriously, who, applying for a part time job, would really have 3 weeks just lying around they could work full time in? and if you could work full time for 3 weeks, why on EARTH would you then want to work part time?! It's pretty fewlish, because I think it sounded like a really good job, but I don't know who they will get to fill the position.

Also, today I bought Aimee a birthday present, and yes, I know it's aaages late but I don't care because I still got her something and I maintain that getting a present at any time is nice! (hopefully she will think this too, haha!)

Tomorrow I'm going to buy Anne's 21st present. That sounds like the excitement of my week! I'm really excited about her party! Anyway, I also got my film developed today so as soon as I can, I'll scan some pictures and put them up.





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