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The busy organisationalness of it all... - Monday, April 04, 2005
This weekend has just been one of those non-stop action weekends that leaves you more tired than when you started!

Friday was Anna's graduation, as mentioned before. Then saturday I had to go shopping for things to take to Frank's 21st birthday party. I got all dressed up and waited for Sz and his brother to collect me from Starbucks, and the party was really good. Even though I'd only ever met 3 of the people there, I really did have a good time. I was told about an Italian/Croatian card game which is not understood by anyone who didn't learn it as a child.. (apparently it's really complex.) I got told how to say my name in Croatian, and just as quickly forgot, because I couldn't pronounce it. I sat and talked to total strangers about their degrees at uni, their jobs and inhaled a lot of cigar smoke.

The party was held at Medina Serviced appartments, and it was a pretty nice one, with gorgeous city views, 2 bedrooms, one with an ensuite, and a big loungeroom with a balcony. There were 9 people staying over, and only 2 double beds. Frank, the birthday boy, got one of the beds, and Sz and I got the other one, because everyone told us we should have it and we totally didn't complain at all. One of the guys came in during the night and asked if he could sleep in with us (?!) but Sz said I was asleep and not to disturb me, and I pretended to be, even though I woke up as soon as he started talking.

Sz and I snuggled all night and I have to say, he's an excellent foot-warmer and general hot waterbottle. And, he didn't turn over and face away from me as soon as he fell asleep! Apparently, I don't move at all when I'm asleep, but I do know that in my sleep, I put my arms above my head. And no, I don't know why. The other day, I was holding my phone after I pressed snooze, and it fell down the back of the bed and I had to wake up and pull the bed away from the wall to get it back.

After we got up in the morning, we tidied up the room and I got a lift back to my house (even though it's in the opposite direction from where they live) with some of Frank's relatives, who also gave Sz and his brother a lift home.

Then I got back, my sister and I went shopping at the storage shop, which I just can't resist, had scrambled eggs for breakfast at the Coffee Club, and went home and slept. Tonight I met up with the girls and we had dinner and dessert and talked about our respective partners and weekends.

Even just writing all that was exhausting! monday I need to get some study and uni work done, tuesday I'm at uni and I also need to study for an exam on wednesday, and then I'm seeing Sz. This weekend is the scottish festival, and next week is my sister's birthday and Sz's friend Mak's birthday party at Coogee.

Even though I can't wait, it sounds too exhausting for words!

Night all!





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