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- Saturday, April 30, 2005
Well.. yeah.. been pretty lazy updating my bloggie, and here are the current top 4 reasons why that is:
1. - my presentation is due next wednesday. I don't want to make a fool over myself so I'm stressing out over making it cover the topic AND be entertaining and logically organised!
2. - I've had some job interviews and I was working today
3. - My sister invited me to play the sims. So, I built and painted up a little pink house, and my sim is even now trying to crack onto Bob Newbie, who she REALLY likes. It's very cute. They haven't kissed yet, but I'm working up to it!
4. Did I mention the sims?

Actually, Jasmine told me a really funny story about her friend Taz who was playing, and she called jasmine when a catastrophe struck!

The mother character was cooking and accidentally set her boobs on fire, and she passed away because they didn't have a fire extinguisher. The son came home from school at that very moment and saw his mum dead on the kitchen floor, and meanwhile, the father was in the hot tub with the next door neighbor! (phew! those sims are so KINKY!)

Anyway, the last few days have been busy. Wednesday I had lunch with Jasmine, and went to randwick library for more books for my presentation. Then on thursday, I went over to Waverley library in the morning and when I asked for some assistance finding books that weren't on the shelves, the librarian told me some of them were kids books but that they were very good and that I could "use them for the pictures"

Since this is a university assignment, and kid's books are never properly referenced EVER (thus making their glossy picture TOTALLY UTTERLY useless...) I smiled and said, "oh, I'll try that!" and then proceeded to borrow out the adult books she had found me and then leave.

I then drove ALL the way over to Mac and got a huge stack of massive sized books, and staggered back to the car with them. Then I drove home and Sz came over and we had dinner at Pinocchios at randwick. Then we had hot chocolate/coffee at Teascapes because Sz hadn't been before. I think he was a bit jealous I used to go every week with my girlfriends for dinner, and Kel and Dave go even though they're from penrith, and I've never taken him there. So, we went, and I have to say I didn't notice before what a good first date place it would be.

The tables are all different sizes and styles and so are the chairs. The tables have old movie postcards, pictures of movie stars and albumn covers with sheet glass protecting them from food spills. The walls are covered in memorabilia: movie posters, pulp fiction posters, music albums and massive portraits of movie stars, the main ones being James Dean, the beatles and Marilyn Monroe. The pictures are actually grouped according to theme, and we sat at the Audrey Hepburn table. There is also vintage/retro stuff above the front windows and huge sofas if you sit in the window seats, which Celia, Jasmine and I usually do.

After we got home, Sz and I FINALLY watched the end of When Harry Met Sally and then snuggled on the couch watching tv. It was a nice evening.

Friday after my job interview mum and I went for coffee and quick shop before I drove over to macquarie for the second day in the row.

As soon as I got home on thursday from Mac, I realised that my essay was due on friday, and that as I couldn't take all the books I had taken out as well as my assignment and everything to the job interview in the city, I'd have to get a bus TO the city for the job interview, a bus back to randwick to collect the books and essay and everything, and then BACK into the city and from there to Mac. Which would take soo long. So instead, I got the bus back to randwick with mum and I drove to Macquarie instead. I dropped off a huge stack of books I needed for the essays I'd finished, but I still have a whole heap I need for the presentation that I'll need to take back pretty soon.

When I went shopping with mum she convinced me to get a bag of velcro rollers because I keep talking about curling my hair. I bought some curl definining mousse and for the last 2 days I've been experimenting. Friday evening I rolled the hair when it was still too wet and then didn't leave it in long enough, or blowdry it enough. Then today after work, I over-dried it so rolling the curlers up and keeping them in position was difficult with my hair all shiny and clean and only moderately damp!

I'm determined to get there eventually, I really really want sexy, bouncy curls. At least the curl defining Mousse works! it's schwarzkopf taft brand, and DUDE! when it says strong hold, it means it! I unrolled my curls and I looked like someone off dynasty. I had some seriously BIG hair. I also put it in last night, and when I was brushing my hair at work, some 12 hours or more after I first put it in, my hair was being volumised. Wowa. I have never had such... massive hair. But it's fun! and eventually I will get the right combo of damp hair, blowdrying and air drying time. So there.

Anyway, my shift tomorrow got cancelled which is actually a relief since I have more time to work on my presentation! but I want to get up reasonably early so I need my sleep now.

Night night all!

(and wish Rose Brown, [my sim] good luck with Bob Newbie!)




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