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You know you're tired when fantasia makes you cry - Sunday, April 24, 2005
Oooooh dear. I've been so lazy about updating reccently. Maybe because...

A.) I finished one assignment but still have 2 to go
B.) I'm so goddamn tired

Yes, thats right.. its the time when stress has its worst effects. I cried watching fantasia. And it's not even a sad movie! it hardly even has a story line!

And then I made my sister watch oceans 12 with me just to see Brad Pitt in a tight silk shirt. Oh. God. I still can't believe Jen Aniston didn't want to have children with him.. WHAT THE!

My sister and I have had a very big bonding week when I haven't been studying. It's been so long since my last post. So here is what I did.

15th: Job interview in the morning, shopping until 5 with mum without buying anything, then went to Mak's 20th at the Coogee Bay that night with Sz. Sz stayed in my room instead of all by himself in the front room and we almost passed out as soon as we got home because we were so tired.
16th: Lunch at the beach pit in coogee with Mak and Kel and all the other people who'd stayed over from the party. Saturday night I went to my sister's 23rd birthday party and had to fend off several unwelcome sleazy guys because as a table of girls (all blonde apart from me I might add) we gained quite a bit of attention.
17th: Sunday night I saw Ceils and Jasmine. We had gorgeous thai food and coffee at a cafe and it was just a really nice girlie night.
18th: monday I did my assignment
19th: tuesday I went to a secondary interview, had lunch with Ben in the city, and studied at the state library. Then Sz came over and we went out for thai and had a blast of a time as per usual.
20th: Today I had lunch at pancakes on the rocks with Alison and her best friend slash ex Ash, and then I went home, did some study, had dinner with Anna and then went to the Comedy store which was my birthday present to her. It was really good, and I'm so glad she enjoyed it.
21st: drove into uni and met Sz and his friend Scott. We went for lunch, studied in the library, and then Sz and I popped into borders for hot chocolate (its been that kind of week) and JB Hifi in an attempt to relax Sz.
22nd: I wrote my assignment all day, and after dinner Anna and I went to Max Brenner for chocolate and a chat. We hired Oceans 12 on the way back and both agreed we'd go Brad. Multiple times.

Then today I did more assignmentage, as well as.. no, wait. That's all I did. All day. Apart from watch fantasia and crying over the bit with the baby pegasus in the storm and it's mother trying to rescue it. (Don't ask.)

So now I'm tired and I have work tomorrow and monday. AND! I'm seeing Celia for dinner tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll manage to finish this friggen essay sometime soon. I'm SO tired of it.



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