Pink Sugar Princess
- Thursday, May 19, 2005
Sooo today was fully busyness! and stuff! to start off with, I had uni and then a really quick lunch with Sarah and Aimee and Kylie. And THEN I had to go to my job interview for receptionist with Fitness first in the city. Which went ok except me going to the wrong fitness first branch, haha, let's all laugh because there are freaking a MILLION fitness firsts in the city. I mean, wait, 3. STILL!

Anyway, I got back to randwick and had coffee with mum, and told her all about the interview and whatnot. And we had just stepped outside when I got a phone call, from fitness first asking me to do a training shift tonight. So I said, er, ok, yeah.

And I did. I don't know whether that means I got the job PER SE, because the person who interviewed me sent me to HER fitness first, but she had swapped for the day with another manager. And he didn't really say, "you've got the job, this is the rate of pay etc etc." But the lady said during the interview that she would call me tomorrow, so hopefully she will, and that will clear everything up.

Anyway, the manager was lovely, and he basically asked me what I knew about being a receptionist, and I said, uh, I think I know but tell me just in case, and they got me to scan people in and take their membership photos and type up membership forms and fun stuff like that. And all I will further say is that everyone was really nice, and I wont mention the fact that some of the guys in there are really really buff like fabio. We'll just skim over that bit shall we?

And the best bit? they gave me a MAGNETIC NAME TAG. And also, because it's an express store, they aren't open on weekends, which means assuming I have the job, it means that I can continue to work at the garden centre until having 2 jobs gets too much for me. Which is wonderful, since I really do like working there.

Anyway, this is all assuming they aren't secretly laughing and saying "oho, we got 3 hours of work for FREE! and now we'll never call her back." Which I hope doesn't happen.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to uni to hand in an essay so lots of love until next time, and hopefully I wont have to tell you all that they never want to see me again!





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