Pink Sugar Princess
- Wednesday, May 11, 2005
This week has been fairly eventful.. I guess!

I decided I'd take up scrapbooking, so on monday I bought a scrapbook albumn, got copies of the photos I'd like to use and bought coloured papers, stickers and glue and all the exciting things that come with scrapbookingness!

Tuesday Sz and I went and saw Hitch Hiker's guide to the galaxy, and I give in 2.5 stars. It was alright, but the book is a whole lot of seemingly random stories, which make sense after you've read all 5 or so books. So when you try to condense that into one 2 hour movie, well it just doesn't work so well.

We had dinner at Bistro St. Pauls' and watched Rove live. I love rove. And I loveeeeed the baby animals! they had a baby wombat and a baby bilby on, and they were unbelievably gorgeous!

And anyway. Sz gave me half of his 6 month present to me because he couldn't wait any longer. I love it!

And SOMEONE asked me today if playing the sims is all I ever do. And Aimee and Alison and I just looked at her like, "what's wrong with that?"

wotajerk. PTCH. It really frustrates me when people are just such total bastards that I feel like saying nasty things back to them. It's juvenile on my part. Do you know those people that make you hate the way you become when you speak to them?

Talking about juvenile, today we watched a video about the making of a roman bath which was really interesting, except that the 60+ year old architects, historians, arechaeologists and the like were arguing like children.

"And where did you get those figures from?!"
"I quoted them from the heating and refrigeration convention report, 1999!"
"Well I'll have you know that I've STUDIED turkish baths, AND BEEN PUBLISHED"

And I was thinking, this is the field I want to get into. I hope that if I ever look back and read this 40 years from now on, I can be proud that I never had an argument so totally juvie!



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