Pink Sugar Princess
- Saturday, May 28, 2005
The weeks are getting busier towards the end of the semester: obviously I have a lot of assignments and what have yous due! Phew. This week was really nice. It had a pretty good feel to it despite my being really grumpy at the beginning of the week!

On tuesday Sz and I saw Star Wars: revenge of the sith or whatever it's called. I really enjoyed it, but it was one of those things where I felt obligated to see it because I watched the other movies when I was little. And I did kind of want to see the concluding film, because everyone was telling me it was good and I knew Sz wanted to see it, and that I'd never want to see it any more than I did on tuesday. SO we saw it.

Thursday was probably my favourite day this week. I met up with Sz and Alison and Charlie and Sz's friend Scott for lunch, and we went to the Loft Cafe in Mac centre which is classier than just food court! then the girls went shopping for lingerie and stockings and whatnot, and the boys went to JB hi-fi. Then we all met back up and Charlie and Alison went home, Scott had already left, so Sz and I went to my house. We had dinner at the black stump char-grill, and then dessert (and scrabble) at teascapes. (I won btw.) Then back to my house. All in all it was a really lovely evening, and I muchos enjoyed it.

On friday morning I met Jasmine to go with her while she donated blood, but she wasn't eligble, so we went shopping to cheer her up and then she left to go to work, and I met Ben in the city to have lunch with him and a work colleague. He was late, but I didn't mind since I was reading pictures books in borders.

Then I got ready to out to dinner with Anna and some of her school friends and whatnot: we went to hurricanes, which reminded me how much I love their steak! then drinks at a club/pub somewhere in bondi and dessert at "the Italian Job" on the front at bondi, which was nice. We had an illuminating discussion about what constitutes having discreet sex in your parent's house. We all had extremely different ideas, from the "not at all if anyone is home" to the "I share a bedroom with my sister, and she has to put up with it." CREEPY!

it was very in character with their personalities I though! how some people are very restrained and repress their passions, while others don't really care who is watching. Per se.

Today was sooo boring, I wrote an essay and watched old movies. Tomorrow night I get to have dinner with my gils: and maybe Sz too! all my bitches in one place! (well not my uni bitches! I get to see them on tuesday though!)



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