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The brownie making hell - Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Today I made chocolate brownies. And omg got covered from head to foot in sticky, non-setting chocolate frosting. Which also got all over the kitchen counter. And the fridge. The toaster. The floor. I only just got cleared up now, and I gave up on the brownies, which are in the fridge on plates. I decided I was too tired to tackle putting them in a container to take to Sz's tomorrow. They look pretty ugly but they do taste really nice, if a bit rich.

I also returned a library book that was overdue. Oh the wonders of my day. Basically, since my new job hasn't paid me yet, and my friends are all studying for exams, I have a whole week of nothing to do. Tomorrow my mum suggested going through the books in our library since we have a whole lot of crap in there that we never read, and not enough shelf space.

I also need to go through my wardrobe and impose a type of system since everything is just crammed in there at the moment. Next week I have jury duty and it's also my birthday! so I will have lots of things to think about other than making a HELL of a mess trying to make brownies. Ptch. Never should have tried to ice 'em.


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