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Long Weekend - Monday, June 13, 2005
Phew. Today was quite tiring. Jasmine came over and we completely sorted out my room and tidied it all up. It took us around 5 hours, and a full council wheelie bin full of crap.

And I also vaccuumed. But we didn't organise the wardrobe, we just got rid of a lot of stuff, and sorted things out. Then we went for coffee. Except, one of the girls at my new work (Fitness first) told me how she quit coffee and her skin was better and she felt healthier etc etc, so I drank tea. Because I've decided to quit drinking coffee. I haven't had any since Saturday, so we'll see how that goes. (2 days so far!!)

It's also Sz and I's 7 month today but both of us COMPLETELY forgot. Oops. I figured we probably wouldn't do anything anyway because: It's my birthday soon and Sz has his exams soon etc.

On saturday mum and I went to Glebe to the party shop there to get stuff for my birthday party!! that shop is full of the biggest amount of cheap crap you've ever seen in your life, but I was thinking if you had to organise a kid's birthday party around a theme you could grab one of each related item (table cloths, cups, plates, party bag toys) and have the whole thing organsised in less than half an hour!

We're also going to order some helium balloons! so excitement. Anyway. We got plastic shotglasses (because otherwise everyone does shots in regular glasses and overpours, or breaks the glass shotglasses.) We got a table cloth, cups, plates, napkins and bowls, all pink of course. I bought a huge plastic storage tub as well which I'm going to fill with ice for everyone to put their drinks in.

So all I need now is fairy lights for the pepper tree and the snacks. And to send out invites. It's a couple of weeks away though so I'm just organised in advice. Anyway, that's it for now.





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