Pink Sugar Princess
- Tuesday, June 07, 2005
Sooo because I knew it would be a fully HEKTIK week bro, I decided that I needed to shoe shop. So after my first exam, I went and boughtpink ugg boots. And OMG, it was very coolness, I fully look like a waestie in them and Sarah and I are both wearing ours tomorrow. LOL.Sz asked why I was in such a good mood when I rang him this arvo, and I said I'd been shoe shopping and he said I should shoe shop more often. MOOHA to you too Sz. When I got home Jasmine came over and helped me study for my exam tomorrow and we had a full on chat as well which was nice.

I've got one exam tomorrow, one on thurday and friday is the due date of my Hieroglyphs paper that I'm so badly struggling with. I'm going to work on it tonight and tomorrow night, and then just give up and hand it in even if it's not complete. I've worked so hard on it but I just am not getting anywhere.

Sooo that is my week. I'm working on friday, and I'm seeing Sz on saturday. Then I'm off uni for about 7 weeks of rest and money making. So badly CANNOT WAIT! WOOH!



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