Pink Sugar Princess
- Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Today I worked at Park St and afterwards I had lunch with mum, and then went back to the gym to work out. Even though I work at a gym, I've never actually used it before, so I was really excited to see what it would be like.

I did some free weights, and I did some stomach crunches, and worked on my arms and pecs. It's a bit intimidating being in a gym by yourself, but HEY! I work there! so I shouldn't feel uncomfortable because all these gym buffs loom over you all the time, should I?!

After I worked out, I went into the relaxation room, which in my oppinion is the best on in the city!! first I lay down like a beached whale in the steam room and had half my bodily fluids sucked out by the magic of condensation! (this was also the part I smeared the black mascara I had forgotten to wash off everywhere too!)

After ten minutes steaming, I went in the monsoon shower, which is soooo good. It's basically 5 or so showerheads that are angled so that you get drenched head to to with your choice of cold or hot water. There is also an ice machine so you can rub yourself with ice which made me feel cleaner than I ever have in my life. EVER.

Then I went and lay down in the aromatherapy room which is basically a room with scents being wafted through it. The scent today was cinnamon (good in treating depression and lethary. Perfect choices for me!)

I have never felt so CLEAN or so tired in one go before! I went and bought myself the jaffa/chocolate flavoured lip balm WHIPSTICK by lush to celebrate. Then I bought cherries and nibbled them all the way home on the bus. Sz is coming over any minute now and I promised him I'd look up movie times so that's enough gushing about the relaxation room at work.






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