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- Sunday, August 21, 2005
I have had a very culturally satisfying weekend!

On friday after uni, I met up with Jasmine, Celia, Kia, Taryn and Kia's boyfriend Warren and went to a Lebanese restaurant.

I've never really eaten Lebanese food, so I was really excited. We had an upstairs section which was a cushion room. We didn't actually sit on the floor, but on low squashy cubes (? best explanation I can give!) Alison told me the food would taste a lot better than it looked, and I think that helped me, because I pretty much was game to try anything!

First there was bread and dips: baba ganoush, homus, and tabouleh (not really a dip but hey, it came with the others so I had to mention it!). Then there were lady fingers, sort of like Lebanese spring rolls. Then falafel with some kind of sauce on, which are like vegetable meat balls, they looked like christmas puddings with their robes of white sauce on, and were crunchy on the outside and green on the inside! very yummy! then there were pieces of meat, lamb, I think. Then, we had green beans with a tomato and onion type of sauce, which were great as well. There were 2 meat dishes, so I know I've forgotten one.

So yes! that was losing my Lebanese food virginity! After we had the main courses, there was a belly dancer who did a lot of jiggling with a sword/scimtar/curved blade knife thing on her head. After she'd gone, Jasmine, Kia, Warren and Taryn had to go so Celia, Theo and I had the turkish coffee and baklava/turkish delight all to ourselves.

I got icing sugar and turkish delight all over myself. Afterwards, we walked from Cleveland st to george st for starbucks!

We got a taxi home after that.

Saturday I worked and wasn't really cultural in any way except that I hired out 'head over heels' and when I came out of the front room, everything was dark and I figured everyone was in bed! at 9:30! ON A SATURDAY!! I was lost too.

Then today I went over to Sz's house for a family lunch for his birthday. I helped make salads and grate parmesan and we ate lunch at around 3. There was HEAPS of food. That family completely know how to eat. There were sausages, marinated chicken thigh (ginger, soy, garlic and I dunno what else. To die for!) beef, and 3 salads: 1. baby spinnach/lettuce/parmesan cheese & a dressing
2. carrot/red cabbage/mayonaise
3. tabbouleh

wow. And!!! potato bake. Seriously, can you imagine?! if I ever lived in their house I wouldn't fit. When Sz asked me to come to the lunch, my first reaction was, "you're trying to make me fat!!" which I still maintain as true. Their food is way too good.

After letting everything sit and digest, (the women all squirrelled themselves away in the bedroom, while the guys sat on the verandah with cigars) There was tea, coffee, cake, and 2 types of homemake biscuit. Not to mention leftovers that my family desecrated within 2 seconds of it getting home. The moon was so massive when I was driving back, like a big yellow cheese, and I tried to get a photo, but it was really blurry.

The topic of conversation during lunch was very bizarre! the importance of breastfeeding, the increase of breastcancer in people who use the pill, the decrease of it in promiscuous people, and baby photos of baby Sz from their baby book!

There was Teresa, her husband and son, Pavel (I probably spelt that completely wrong!) Then there was Robyn and her husband Andrew and 3 sons, Alex, Tommy and Mikey and Teresa's mother who could only speak Polish. (I hope their names are right)

I also brought 4 copies of Passing show (the uni mag which has sz's article in it) and his relatives all took one home. It's weird, I wish my family were close in terms of distance, they're pretty far away, so we can't have lunches like that. I might really hate it if I could have a family lunch whenever I wanted, but Sz's family are so sweet. It's weird, whenever I go back to England with the 'rents, I'm on display as the weird Australian relative. They like to listen to me talk because my accent is funny. Sz's family are just as entertaining to me - Robyn read her tealeaves and was learning Polish, Teresa's mother said goodbye in Polish and I was like "what did she just say?" and they all encourage you to eat a LOT! it's completely different from my family dinners! I loved it!

I had a really good time, and I was sad that I had to go. Tomorrow I'm working 2-10.15 at Pitt St Fitness First, which is quieter than park st, so it shouldn't be too bad, but I'll have to get a taxi home - there is no way I'm getting a bus, all alone at 10.15!

Anyway, I got lots of photos at Sz's, and he's emailing the ones that his family took. So can't wait! anyway, that's it from me!

Lots of Love




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