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- Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Today I got to spend a good bit of quality time with Sz - for the first time in ages. It's hard to see a lot of each other when I have 2 jobs - during the evening in the week, and during the day on the weekends, and Sz has 3 jobs - during the evening AND day during the week, and at night on the weekends, but we make time.

So, spending time alone is nice when we get to. I finished my first assignment for Human Geography - an article precis (summary!) of an article of the local-global. It has to be under 250 words and you have no idea how hard that is, because the article is about 6 pages long. I don't know if I've got the main points across but hopefully I did. It's worth 5% and is meant as an exercise in learning how to write for human geography so it's all for the good.

I also hired out Oklahoma!
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because I love that movie! I'm such a girl - I like movies which have sexual tension resolved with a happy ending! the best kind is when the couple hate each other on sight. Because then you KNOW they'll get together! (my favourite couple are Ano Annie and Will!)


Tomorrow is banana bread and coffee day at uni, and I have to get up early! so night night.





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