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- Saturday, September 17, 2005
Since Sz and I broke up on wednesday, my friends have been trying as hard as they can to keep me busy. On thursday night (after Celia asked if I was suicidal! I love you Celia!) I went to the opening of the margaret preston & beyond: berowra visions uni gallery opening. It was mostly old, quite rude people that didn't move when we said 'excuse me' but hey. There was free food and drink for all. (I chose orange juice, but there was also lemonade, coke, wine, beer champagne etc.)

I got home and told the fam about the 2 credit point subject next january: its a week in thailand! OMG so want to go: elephant rides, reclining buddha, fingernail dances, UBER FANTASTIC FOOD and best of all, shoe shopping. (yes, I've obviously been to thailand before! it's beautiful!) Mum definately thinks I should go. I'd really love to, so hopefully we'll sort it out and I'll be there!

Today was soooo busy. I went with dad to work, drove to uni from there, dropped off my assignments (and got out of paying for parking by being at uni early AND only taking 20 mins of running around campus to drop off assessments!)

Then I drove back home, had a 20 min break and went to the gym. I went to a pilates class, which I'm still feeling the effects of in my stomach! then I did 20 mins of cardio by myself on the treadmill, got a shower and dashed off to my uni class. We went on a heritage/conservation tour (TOO-WAH as Sarah would say) of the rocks. It was intersesting, and we ended up in the Lord Nelson (one of the oldest pubs in sydney) for on the premises brewed beer and cab-sav in my case!)

Afterwards we had dinner at pancakes on the rocks, and then Kylie and Aimee and Ashley went home, while Sarah wanted to go for a drink. So we went to the Orient, and met up with her friend Matt, had drinks, went to Aesop's, a Greek restaurant/club and smashed plates, did the Zorba and whatnot! It was great!

He drove me home and Sarah wanted to go to the Lowenbrau tomorrow as Matt has tickets. She invited me along, but I told her that if she changes her mind thats fine, but I should be doing that tomorrow.

Sunday I'm supposed to go to breakfast and Paddington markets with my high school girls. Can't wait!

Anyway, I'm so grateful to have such a friends base that keeps me busy and not feeling lonely in this period of my life. It's not the time that I'm at uni or doing work that's the hard part.

It's the bits when I'd normally message sz - before I get on the bus, or when I have a break and no one is at uni. It's hard during those times not to feel a bit lost, but I know that it will pass as I get used to being single. WHICH, I might add, I intend to be until someone completely sweeps me off my feet and wants me sooooo much that they'll actually persue me instead of vice versa. In the meantime, making out with hot people at parties and not feeling guilty, having a good time and leading people on is the name of the game.

Anyway, guys - hillsitters - school buddies! you know who you are! thanks for all the support you've given me this week. I love you all. I completely appreciate how much time from your families, own romantic persuits and partners you've given me. I do know how much time you've spent on me, and I know I'm not worth it, but I love that you guys think I am! god, you're all the best!





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Hi There! Really cool site . Ok so I'm always searching for this kind of stuff.
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By Anonymous pilates video, at 21 February, 2006  

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