Pink Sugar Princess
- Sunday, October 09, 2005

Reccently when I have time off from uni work, I've been partying it up pretty hardcore. I've been feeling like even when I finish uni work, that there is still more work I should probably be starting on, so I haven't really had a break. It sucks.

So friday you guys heard all about. Saturday my sister and I went to Bondi and had boost and returned the gym ball I bought that didn't fully inflate. I didn't get a new one because I want to look at one from an exercise or fitness store first. In the meantime I have a $30 credit voucher for K-mart. And! I bought the Gucci Eau De Parfum II miniature! SO CUTE! I will take photos!

On the way back, Ben gave me a call and said he was going to the Coogee Bay Hotel that night, so I gave Celia and Jasmine a call and we planned to meet up.

Jasmine came over to mine first and we had dinner at Chao Praya (Thai restaurant!)
then we got the bus down to Coogee and met Celia, and then met Ben and his friends. We had a good old chat and drank a lot and I had my first black sambucca shot which was wow, very strong!

We then went to the palace, which is still sort of the same but also different since last time I was there. Less 15 year olds for a start, and Ben's mate Bilic was working the door so we got free entry, which was great.

Basically, we had a really great time. I haven't danced properly in ages, so it was so much fun to completely be carefree and sexy and whatnot!

After the Palace pretty much closed and sort of herded everyone out like sheep, we all went to get Kebabs and then walked some of the way home, then got a taxi. I got home around 4:30 AM. It was a big night.

Then today I worked at 8:30. Totally painful but worth it! I had such a good time. Sometimes you really forget what it feels like to do things that used to be so familiar. Like, we used to go out every weekend with our boys and dance all night.

I haven't gone out and danced for longer than around 10 mins for ages. I spent about 2 hours just dancing. It was great!

I felt really really awful at work though. Mainly after lunch, I think I got sick from what I ate, because as I said to Jason, "it wasn't that good on the way down, and it certainly wasn't good on the way up."

Anyway, I haven't had time to eat much recently so I was absolutely ravenous since what I DID eat didn't get to stay eaten! arg!

but, I called up Celia and we went to hogsbreath for dinner... SO SO GOOD OH GOD I WAS MAKING MOANING NOISES WHEN I SMELT THAT STEAK! HICKORY SAUCE! wow. It was good.

And then we drove into the city and got caramel frappuccinos. Yum. And now I need to go to bed because I need to hand my uni assignment in before 9 AM or get a penalty. And, also, I'm working 2:00 to 10, so I will need serious sleep.





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