Pink Sugar Princess
- Friday, November 04, 2005
Today after work I met up with Celia and Jasmine for coffee and bitching and nachos. It was good.

I also went to uni today and paid for my accomodation/meals/emergency stuff for Thailand (payable to the uni) and picked up my plane tickets! OMG SO EXCITEMENT!!

one of them is a boring old e ticket but the other is an actual TICKET ticket. It has 3 flights on though, so how exactly does that work? do you just.. you know, present it and then they give it back? I don't know. The last time I went overseas, everything just seemed to work, like, I didn't have to think. But if I'm stuck overseas for the first time by myself (and my wonderful uni girls) I think I should have a fair idea of what I have to do! arg! I'm making copies of EVERYTHING! passport, tickets, and I'm also getting a list of all my prescriptions I'm taking from the doctor so that no one asks me about my medication!

(yes, I'm paranoid!) As well as that, I handed an assignment in today. It was sooo hot, on the bus on the way back I started getting black spots in front of my eyes. My throat is also starting to hurt so I'm gonig to take some penicillin again until it calms down.

What else? Tomorrow I am handing in another assignment. This week I have had 3 due. I think everyone is kind of tired and grumpy and whatnot because it's the end of the year.. I basically felt like 'it's crap but it's done'. Celia felt the same with her assignments due. This weekend I also need to study for my exam next week. I can't believe 2nd year is almost over. It's great! Then the loooooong hoildays where all I want to do is sleep. And not tidy my room.

Anyway, it's getting late so I'll leave it there. Lots of Love


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