Pink Sugar Princess
- Thursday, November 10, 2005
Ugh. That last post made no sense and was stupid! Sometimes I think I have dyslexia. And other times I wonder what the HELL I think I'm doing. And I didn't even mention any of the best parts of the biggest weekend ever that Alison and I had the other week for Ben's birthday.

We went to the Iguana bar which is in the Red Light district of Kings Cross. There were actually houses, WITH RED LIGHTS OUTSIDE! I have to say that it was really really exciting, because I didn't actually think that there would be red lights in the red light district, I thought it was a figure of speech!

Anyway, we went with Celia and Theo and had cocktails before dinner.(Most of us got schnitzel) Then there were more cocktails, dare-shots (where you dare someone to do something and if you do it they get you a shot) making out in alleyways and cars, dirty dancing until my legs felt sore the next day and I'm sure a few other things that may not be entirely legal that certainly kept us awake til 6 am!

Oh god we felt so bad the next day. We thought we were going to die. It was totally worth it, but now I've sworn off alchohol. I can't believe I didn't post this before! it's totally reshaped how I think about things. We stayed out walking around til 6 AM because we couldn't sleep. I don't really think that my band-wagon non alcohol statements will last that long, but OH GOD.

I thought I've felt really really hungover, but I hadn't til then. If it takes the rest of the weekend to get over it and you can't eat for 1.5 days, YOU DRANK TOO MUCH!

Anyway, I totally needed to record this for posterity. It happened. We got smashed, and walked past a woman in a phone box wearing knee high socks, high heels, panties and a bra and didn't even blink. THAT, is true drunkeness! yeah baby.

Anyway, tomorrow night I'm supposed to be going to Ben's house to watch DVDs. And maybe I'll go to the gym. I dunno how everyone gets so motivated. They're all freaks. I loved cycle class but I almost killed myself last time I went. Holy crap I was red in the face and breathing like a heifer!

Anyway. I can't believe I posted twice in one night. I'm still tired by the way, just not doing anything about it yet.





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