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Credit Card issues - Saturday, December 17, 2005
Fun times in the house of the Shaws! Here is the latest drama!

Because I'm going to Thailand, I want to get a credit card, strictly only for emergencies. As in.. missed my flight need to pay for accomodation, or need bail money, WHATEVER.. it doesn't matter as long as it's only serious stuff!

Anyway. I'm a complete credit card virgin. I don't earn enough money to own one, and basically, I think if I can't pay for it, then I won't buy it. But if I'm going overseas by myself then I consider that a good reason to get one.. as a safeguard.

Now we've got that background info out of the way.. ON to the exciting drama!

My dad co-applied with my sister for a credit card when she went overseas alone for the first time, so I asked if he would back me for mine. So, I wanted him to look over the ones I was thinking of applying for.

Now, all I know about credit cards can be summed up by their appearance. So I chose the pink ones that I'd heard about. But dad had his little hissy fit about how if I only wanted it for the colour then that was irresponsible etc etc.

Well.. I think, if you have a choice of two cards, with exactly the same rates etc, then why not get the one that you like in appearance better?

Anyway.. Dad will be alright. Mum looked over the one I really like the look of and she thinks it sounds good actually, so she will try to talk dad around. Gotta love mums.

I told Ben on the phone and he said he would talk to dad if I wanted him to because he has that credit card already. I thought that was very sweet of him. He also gave me some other financial advice that means I can get the card myself if I really want to. So that was very useful. I like knowing an accountant. It's like having a personal financial advisor!

Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny, this whole drama. Dad wont talk to me about it at all, he'll whinge to mum and I'll whinge to mum and she will have to sort it out. Poor Mum. I hope I'm not doing this one day!





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