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GHOSTS IN THE BATHROOM! (eep) - Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Here is a piece of trivia for you! the 'Birdy Song' was reccently voted the most irritating song by the BBC. Understandable actually!

Jasmine lent me her 'Ultimate Cheese Party' CD set (3 discs!) and it's on there. Along with a lot of the other songs that come up on this website

I had a v. weird bathroom experience this evening. I popped into the bathrooms after work (the shopping center ones not the fitness first bathrooms - the center ones are right next to us, whereas the fitness first ones are upstairs) ANYWAY

it was around 8 pm, and I popped in. They were completely empty. I closed the stall door and pushed the lock across. I knew it didn't catch but i thought, there is no one in there, who cares? anyway, i was looking at the floor, when the door flew open and whacked me in the head! not really hard, but hard enough to feel like someone had tried to push the door open. But when I looked out of the a second later, the bathroom was still empty! I pushed the door shut to see if it was on a slope and randomly opened, but it stayed shut. It was really odd. I went to wash my hands and there was the sound of running water in one of the stalls. But when I looked behind me, there was no one there. It was so creepy, it really did feel like someone pushing against the door - i thought it might be the cleaner checking no one was in there. But I didn't hear the main door of the bathroom open or shut. And there are 2 doors to go through, so I would have heard someone come in. EEK!

Anyway. I WAS going to mention the Fitness first christmas party in great detail, but it would take ages... So here is it in brief. Sarah came over and we got the bus to oxford street, had thainabox (a make your own noodle/rice thai food place) and then the train to North Sydney. The Greenwood Hotel Fitness first party was awesome. Everyone there was gorgeous: tanned (mostly) blonde, and Sarah and I were glad that we also looked totally hot. (according to the boys who called out to us on the bus)

We left around 1:30am and went to Rogues RnB cafe on Oxford Street. Possibly the seediest, smallest place ever. We got home around 6 am or so. Let's not talk about sunday, when I felt like I was going to die.

OH! and on monday mum and I went to the RSL pool and did laps. It was good! my eyes kind of hurt, but I'm glad that I went. I did 10 laps. I thought I'd start small and work up.

Anyway, I'm going to bed now. Night!



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