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PRETENTIOUS DID YOU SAY?! - Friday, December 30, 2005
Hmm.. I used to post every day, but sometimes nothing happens or i just can't be bothered or I'm not home very often. Like this week.

On wednesday I had to wake up really really early because I accidentally double booked my appointment at the beautician's with work! oops! and I was so worried that because they're closed next week, that they'd have no appointment times left! ARG! but they did thank god... so I went to work, and a man had collapsed and they had to call the ambulance men for him.. he was going down the escalator from work when I was going up. I had lunch in the city with Ben after work and we looked at random shops for a while before going home on the bus. I called Anna up to randwick to have a juice with me, and she came, but she forgot her wallet, and in her wallet is her keys. AND I DIDN'T HAVE KEYS ON ME. So we were locked out. And I had no way of getting to my beautician's appointment.

So I got a taxi. Ptch. Talk about drama. But my waxer is so lovely! honestly, we had a good old chat about Thailand, and what she bought and how much she spent when she was reccently there. It was great!

Then today Mum and I went into the city for some extra bottom bits to take to Thailand with me, that are not too short or revealing! I found a skirt and some very thin cotton pants which have buttons on each leg so you can button them up shorter. I also bought a top. I had lunch with mum and then we went to lincraft and bought material so she could make me a bag to take to Thailand that will squash up inside my handbag, in case we have to collect heaps of brochures. It's SO CUTE! (and pink - photos on my photo blog.

After work (we spent the whole time talking about belly button piercings!) I went to dinner at Chao Praya with Celia and Jasmine and we exchanged christmas presents. It was so cool, Janna and I both got body shop stuff for each other! she got me 2 bars of soap (the raspberry one, and the pink grapefruit - the best ones!) and the raspberry lipgloss, as well as the strawberry shower gel, and a scrubby loofah thingy. I love the body shop! and everything she got is pink, which is of course v. me!

It was a good night. I wanted to take photos of Janna's gift to me but my camera died!

Tomorrow if it's hot I'm supposed to be going to the beach with Ben. But not Coogee - according to him it's pretentious. How can a beach be pretentious?! I really have no idea... but it is. It's a backpacking haven for gods sake. That couldn't EVER be pretentious! (dude, you're a WEIRDO! It's not pretentious!) and that is the last time I say the p word. Ugh.

Go check out my photo blog. It's completely cool! link to your right!


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I do like your page. Really good. You have a excellent week.

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I do like your page. Really good. You have a excellent week.

By Anonymous handbag wholesale, at 03 April, 2006  

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