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WHAT!! $30 for sangria?! - Monday, December 19, 2005
whenever I get the chance, I like to use other computers to post to my blog. Today I'm using dad's laptop. The whole house is a bit crazy at the moment because we're having new carpet fitted. We've had to try and cram as much of our furniture into the kitchen and family room type area because it's the only tiled bit of the house. My carpet will be pink. I have no idea what it will turn out like but it will match the tiles that are in the kitchen and living areas which is what my bedroom joins onto. Everyone elses' will be dark red with cream spots on.

Because of the carpet laying, mum hasn't wanted to put too many decorations up because they'd get in the way. I'm going to work a bit later, then working out with Alison and staying over at Charlie's house after his party tonight so I wont see the new carpet or anything until I get back tomorrow. It's always a really big surprise to get back from work and see wreaths on the door and all that type of thing.

Anyway. Last night Celia, Jasmine, Janna, Andrew and I all went down for dinner at hurricanes. They seriously have the best steak and chicken in the world there. We went to starbucks afterwards in the city and sat at darling harbour. The only sad thing is there are so many couples smooching there, which I have to say is quite depressing as I am still single.

During the day Ben and I had lunch at Randwick and then hired a video. When we got back to mine, dad was moving furniture and because it's so hot, he was only wearing his underpants. I obviously wanted to keep ben in the hall but that didn't work and I was very impressed he still asked dad if he needed help moving anything, because I sure wouldn't have wanted to help someone's dad who was just dressed in a pair of bright red skivvies. Per Se. I'm sure my face when I walked in and saw him dressed like that was a fairly Kodak moment as they say.

SO! as well as the underpants only wearing debacle dad had painted some skirting boards and the front room (with the dvd player in it) was full of fumes. So we went to ben's house to watch "school of rock" in relative peace. We'd both seen it before but not for a long time, so we'd forgotten it was quite funny.

Apart from that? Celia and Janna and I got drunk on two jugs of sangria which cost an outrageous $30 each. Sangria is made with cheap wine, which is why they put all that fruit in it. Which is WHY it normally only costs around $15 a jug. But it did the trick since all of us had had a pretty crap day, underpants wearing credit card discussions Notwithstanding!

oh my life is just such a comedy! (while we're on the topic of my cheapskateness don't let me forget to tell you about the sleazy fruit place just outside david jones food hall in the cbd selling cherries WHICH ARE IN SEASON for $55 a KILO! ptch)

And on that note, I'm going to go off to work now. I doubt I'll be able to post for a couple of days because all the computers but this one are unhooked, and dad will probably squirrel this one away into his room somewhere.






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