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Annual pre-enrollment UNI issues! - Friday, January 20, 2006
Phew. I swear, this happens every year, and it doesn't seem to matter how organised I am... it still happens!

It's enrollment time for uni again. And this year, I decided (at the last minute of course) that I want to change my coherency stream. For the degree, you have to do Palaeontology and two arts streams, or palaeontology and an arts and a science stream.

I'm doing Ancient Mediterranean Studies for my first arts stream, and for my second stream I WAS doing geology. But while last year I managed to do NO geology at all, I was looking at the requirements to complete geology as a coherency, and it includes some subjects I REALLY didn't want to do... like a compulsory field trip for a week like that trip I went on last year that SUCKED BALLS.

So... I decided to change my coherency to Australian History instead. But that means I have to do all the classes associated with that stream, including the first year subjects. BUT!! (so many buts!) I can't start with the first year subjects and work up, because they aren't offered this year... so I have to do HIST109 in my FOURTH YEAR! haha, how funny! hopefully I'll be better at it by then!

I know I find history easier than science so hopefully, while I might find it boring, I wont find it impossible like GEOLOGY. It was just that I could never get a straight answer, and I couldn't get facts straight in my head because the lecturers were always vague. And I had to work really really hard to even get a pass.

Now I have my whole schedule planned out again, I feel a lot better, even if it is frustrating that all that Geology was for nothing, essentially. Dumb geology!

Today I went to have my eyebrows done then collected my thailand photos (150-odd!) I couldn't put them in my albumn though, cos I want to put them in order and I can't do that until I have everyone elses' photos too! the logistics are just mind boggling!

In good news, my mum and dad have been discussing a brilliant scheme! When I graduated, they were going to buy me a car, but they know that I really need one now, and if they buy me a new one now there will be heaps of mileage on it by the time I finished uni since I'd be driving out to Mac every day almost.
Normally when they buy a new car, they trade the old one in, and pay the remainder, but instead they said that they'd buy a new car now, and I could keep their old one until they trade it in against a new car for me when I graduate! which would be hardcore excellent, since I'll have a car to take to uni every day!

Anyway, that's the plan, but I don't know when they're buying their car. Hopefully very very soon. I want to buy a uni parking sticker!

Phew. I wont be posting (again) for a while since Anna and I are driving up to Port Stephens until sunday. I have to go pack now.





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