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Just a quick note... - Saturday, January 07, 2006
just a quick note to remind you all that I'm going to be flying out to Thailand tomorrow for uni. I return on the 18th, but maybe I'll have access to a computer before that, I'm not sure!

Yesterday night we went out for Jasmine's birthday. It was quite a good night - the restaurant was a really lovely setting but there was only our group plus one other couple, so I strongly got the impression that they wanted us to leave as soon as possible. We went to Cheers for drinks in the city afterwards and met some english boys who wanted to play pool with us, so we did. Then we went to starbar so we could dance. We went home from there and I gave Nick, one of the English boys my number and he promised to call me today, which he did. We went for coffee at starbucks and then a walk around the Rocks and Pitt Street. It was funny because he said some words exactly the same way I do, that I get paid out for!

like Orc-shun is the way I pronounce auction, not ocshun like people over here do. And we both lengthened the A on cinema, so you say it cinemaaaa. And then he had some funny words that they don't use here! Like Flip-flops for thongs and whatnot.

When we were out last night, Celia and I wanted to order Cock-sucking-cowboy shots (butterscotch and baileys) and they'd never heard of them, and I think at first they thought we were joking. So we told them to just order cowboys and they did and actually liked them. It was sweet! I couldn't believe they'd never heard of them though, I kind of thought they were a universal shot!

anyway, Nick and I exchanged emails. It's the biggest bitch, he's going back to the UK on the 18th, the day I fly in from Thailand. What are the odds. He promised to email me when he gets home though.

Jasmine popped in to pick up her present this afternoon and apart from that I stayed in and packed, printed my assignment, felt hungry, and wondered if I'd forget anything I will really need in Thailand. Like my passport or contact lenses liquid or I DONT KNOW but ARG!

Anyway it's late and I'd love to go to bed so thats it from me.





lucky, lucky girl! have fun in thailand!! i am so jealous!!

By Blogger little things, at 07 January, 2006  

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lucky, lucky girl! have fun in thailand!! i am so jealous!!

By Blogger little things, at 07 January, 2006  

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