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Tales of Narnia and Rosie's exhaustedness! - Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Today was tiring. I was doing open at my local fitness first, which meant leaving my house at 5:20am. All the entrances to the shopping centre were closed (of course, I had to walk around the whole building to find this out) so I had to go in via the 'service' type entrance around the back, past all the huge dumpsters and in via the coles and fruit market stock passageways which was creepy and dark and luckily for me I knew where I was going or I'd never have got in.

ANYWAY. The door wouldn't open and there were lots of members waiting, even though it was barely 5:30 when I arrived, and we don't open until 6! Luckily one of the male members managed to yank the shutter open for me otherwise we'd still be waiting outside now. I hope it's not as difficult tomorrow, because it was a complete bitch this morning.

Then I couldn't find the key for the till safe that we keep the 'float' of $300 in. I had to ring 2 people to find it and I felt REALLY GUILTY ringing people at 6AM. Ugh.

At 8:45 on her way to work, Jasmine popped up with the caramel latte she promised me if the coffee place downstairs was open. Thank god! It was a life saver... seriously, all I could think of was that I'd been working for 3 hours when she was only starting work! I went to look for her at the beginning of my break and the end to say thanks for the coffee and to give her the money, but she wasn't anywhere around, so I couldn't.

AND THEN! counting the til at lunch time took SO LONG, seriously around 3 hours, because I was by myself and I couldn't get 5 minutes without 3 members and the phones ringing off the hook. Even when I was on the phone there was call waiting! arg! And the printers took ages to print the dockets I needed to have before I could do the reconciliation. So much for finishing by 1:45 like I was supposed to. I finished at 2. Hmph. Started early, finished late. Oh well, I'll start reconciliation much earlier tomorrow. I'll also know that at this gym, they put ALL the contracts through before counting the till, unlike my gym where they only put contracts that were paid in cash. Talk about extra work.

Afterwards I went to the doctor to get a stronger medication for my cough slash really terrible nasal congestion headaches. He gave me cough mixture, so I really dont see how that will help the congestion headaches and deafness and lack of taste, but I'm trying it anyway, along with something my sister used before and that worked for her.

Then when I got home I got changed and Anna and I went to see The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe at Bondi Junction. It was a really enjoyable movie, I liked it a lot. The only thing I didn't like was the witch having blonde dreadlocks. In the book she's supposed to be beautiful, with snow white skin and black hair. Oh well. Cinematic liscence or whatever you call it I guess.

After the movie we shopped for bras and then had dinner at Kelly's. We were going to go to max brenners for takeaway but I'm working at 5:30 again tomorrow and I was just too tired to be bothered.

So it's not even 9:30 and I'm going to bed. I wont be getting much sleep in the next few days so I will definately need it now - my parents are coming back tomorrow from Canberra so I'll have to stay awake and talk to them about their trip. Then, I also need to buy Jasmine's birthday present, pack for Thailand, wash extra stuff for Thailand and finish my assignment, as well as go to Jasmine's birthday dinner and drinks thing. It's a shame I can't do any of these things when I have nothing to do and no one to serve at 7am tomorrow.





woof woof.

By Blogger Cairo The Boxer, at 05 January, 2006  

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woof woof.

By Blogger Cairo The Boxer, at 05 January, 2006  

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