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Gay and Lesbian MARDI GRAS. (and losing my auto virginity) - Sunday, March 05, 2006
Soo. I've started back at uni. I think this semester will be a bit of a bitch since I'm doing a lot of subjects that I have to do to finish my degree, rather than I want to do, or that interest me.

I'm STILL refining my presentation for my Thailand assignment, and today is my last day to fix anything wrong with it since I have to hand it in tomorrow before I have to present it!

This weekend has been sooo soo busy. On friday All the uni girls went out, and Sarah, Alison and Kylie and Ash were going to stay at my house. But Ash got sick and has been in hospital, then Alison got some kind of virus and left right after dinner, and then Sarah needed to go home as well!

So after we had dinner at pancakes on the rocks, everyone dropped like flies. It was very sad. So Sarah, Kylie and I got a taxi back to my house and we drove in convoy to Sarah's house since Sarah had had something to drink and we hadn't. I drove her car (I lost my automatic virginity! With Sarah! *wink*)Kylie drove her own car, and we sat outside her house talking to Aimee, who was at Nick's party and sounded like she was having a pretty damn good time in comparison to our night!

Regardless of everyone leaving, I still really enjoy catching up with my friends and we got to all have dinner together which was really nice. Kyles stayed over and the next day she went home at lunch time because all the roads were shutting for mardi gras.

Anna and I went shopping at Bondi Junction for a while and then I met up with Ceils and Janna for (a late) lunch. Afterwards we walked and bussed our way to a good spot on the intersection of flinders and oxfords street for viewing of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras!

Celia went and got starbucks to sustain us until the start of the parade. We got there around 5 oclock, and it was supposed to start at 6:30 according to the website, but the commentators said it would start at 7:30, so we were waiting around a while. The time went pretty fast though, since we got coffee, and then lots of free stuff, like maraccas, whistles and magnets! I also bought a cute little gay flag to wave, but I was too busy shaking my maraccas and blowing my whistle to do that. The parade was awesome. There were so many hot, half naked, buff gay guys!

There were also a lot of butch, topless lesbians, so it satisfied all of our expectations. Some of the floats were really funny, like the brokeback mormons float, with hot guys dressed as mormons, and lots of cowboys and girls dancing after the float, which had a 'tent of passion' on it, with two scantily clad men waving from the doorway!

It was lots of fun, and so, so busy. Afterwards, we walked down ANZAC parade and got a bus back when we got to a bit of road that was open. We got pizza at the Spot and ate it at my house and then Celia and Janna went home.

Anyway, I have to get back to my presentation now, so I have time to do something fun, like go to the markets at bondi beach or something!





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