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Hella-tired. Damn UNI! - Saturday, March 18, 2006
I've been pretty quiet blogwise reccently, because I haven't really thought I had anything interesting to say. Last weekend of course was my trip to the Stix (Wellington, past Bathurst and past ORANGE fer crying out loud.) which was interesting. I got a thistle bush stuck in the door of my car and Ash told me scary stories about how the area we were driving through on our way up (at like, 10:30 at night I might add) looked like the gas station or the motel or the scary TREES from a horror movie (psycho specifically) and she was right, it was really really creepy.

Oh, and I've been sooo busy. Now that I'm back at uni I barely have time to sleep and eat. I'm taking on a lot at work and so I'm just really really tired all the time. I was at uni til 10 on wednesday for our presentations! UGH! then back at uni at 10 the next day, which meant getting out of the house for 8am. Stupid Uni.

SO! I decided this weekend would really be about me. On friday Sarah asked if I wanted to come to a party held by UTS, the uni her friend Angela goes to. So I met up with them in the city and we went to the student residence (after stopping for alcohol and icecream) where they had covered all the lights with green celophane to celebrate st. pats day. Sarah and I were especially wearing green too. We both really wanted to go to an Irish pub and drink green beer but it just didn't end up happening.

We spent some time at this party which was more of a standing/sitting around discussing uni, overseas travel and whatnot party than an everyone getting really trashed and making out with each other in the laundry type party.

Then we went down to the lowenbrau and danced for a while and had some shots and stuff before we went home. Poor Sarah had to work today too!

This morning I got up and went to meet Celia (who let me borrow her gorgeous green shoes last night for St. Patricks day) and we went for lunch at Kelly's in Bondi. We discussed a couple of issues and stuff. It's good, she's like a sounding board for things when I need a second oppinion, she usually catches on pretty quick to what I'm really thinking, not just what I'm saying!

at 1:30 she had to head off to work and I went to meet Janna at Paddington markets, since I wanted to get my palm read. Celia and Janna both went a couple of weekends ago and I was really looking forward to going after all they said about the lady that does it.

I still don't know whether or not I feel like she was a complete charlatan or not. Janna kindly wrote everything she said down which was lucky since she said a lot, some about me and some seemingly random stuff. It will be interesting to see what Celia thinks about what she said, since me and Janna were undecided.

Here's what she said:

Ocean coral would bring me luck and money so I should wear bracelets or necklaces made out of it.
Because I'm a cancer, 7 is my lucky number and so are other odd numbers. Therefore, this year is not very lucky for me, but next year will be.

I shouldn't live anywhere with snow because I wont have very good luck there - if I'm traveling through them, my car might break down and I might get hypothermia or other problems like that.

I should NEVER EVER do anything like sky diving because the parachute will not open, and it would pretty much be signing a death warrant.

I'll die in my sleep at age 87.

I should practise yoga for one hour every week because it will be good for my mind and will help me cope in my old age.

After may next year, she doesn't see any problems in my love life again. Pretty much ever. It could be the beginning of a life long attachment (personally I don't see how you can have no problems ever again in your love life so young. Whatever.)

I will have 3 children, and each of them will have one child, so I'll have 3 grandchildren.

After july next year, money will not really be a problem, I'll be solvent for life. (yay!)

I'm a good learner but I need to see with both eyes - I don't always see through people. I can achieve anything if I trust in myself.

I was born in the right time, at the right place, making me a very lucky person. While some things other people have to work really hard for,I will never have to - I just have to be patient because I will eventually have these things handed to me on plate.

She didn't see me having any really major surgery, but I will have 2 small accidents in the next 20 odd years, One where I break my middle finger (falling downstairs) and the other, where I break my little toe. At 42, I'll have the only real operation, I couldn't really understood what she meant, but apparently something in my stomach or lower pelvis area, maybe something to do with having children.

Mentally and physically I'm very fit (ha!) and this is my 6th life. You only get 6, so I will return to the universe or the equivilent of heaven after this, or be 'free'.

In my past lives I was fairly well-known if not actually famous.. I was someone or other in the time of King Richard and the crusades, I was a famous harpist in Rome, I had a life in spain, I was a historian, and a princess in France.

I'm a born healer in that I feel people's pain in my heart, and I'm watched over by guardian angels Who protect my heart and body (The psychic said that too!)

She could see me not having to worry about money in any way really either, and that it's entirely possible I will become famous in this life too.

Well I don't know what to think, but I guess we'll see. When I reach my 88th birthday, I'll let you know what I feel about her predictions THEN! lol.

Anyway it was interesting. Afterwards Janna and I looked around the markets and I bought a dress and then we went home on the bus.

Tomorrow Anna and I are having high tea in the Queen Victoria building, which should be nice. Anyway. That's it from me. I'm so tired. Seriously, I need some time for just me! ever since we got back to uni its been hardcore HEKTIK BRO!

Anyway. More later, hopefully more often than the last few months...





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