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Berrima! GLOW WORMS! - Monday, April 24, 2006
omg. I had such a nice weekend!

So saturday I just worked and that wasn't REALLY all that exciting but SUNDAY my parents and my sister and I went up to Berrima for the night. We got there around 2 and dumped all our stuff at the Guest House which was really nice, with complimentary sherry and port for pre or post dinner drinks, and a fire and all!

We then went out and had a really nice lunch, although it was reaaaally cold up there, like scarves, several layers, coats and the lot!

We wandered around the twee shops for a while, and then drove over to Bundanoon, so we could get to the glow worm glen before it got really dark! it took the glow worms ages to come out but they were SO beautiful when they did. They were like little very pale green fairy lights. They weren't really bright but they were kind of romantic!

On the walk back (which was all uphill and around 20 mins long) we saw two wombats, and I took a picture of one of them. Then we went back to the guest house, got changed into boots and nice tops and whatnot and went for dinner at the White Horse Inn. It was a really gorgeous old building and I really enjoyed dinner.

Then we went back to the house and drank port and tea and I tried to read about lesbians for my lesbian essay due in 2 weeks, but couldn't because they use a lot of complex language that you actually have to CONCENTRATE ON, which is hard after a beer, a 3rd of a bottle of wine and port. We went to bed and the rooms were really cosy, so it was fun.

Then this morning we had breakfast and went to Berrima court house which had this docu-drama obviously played by locals in historic costumes and terrible wigs. It was really funny and trashy like those things are, but it was A GORGEOUS building! Such nice architecture and curved cedar doors inside, really pretty.

After that we went to a book barn which was very cozy, with a wood fire and stuff, but a bit disappointing, it had hundreds of books but nothing good. None of us bought anything. We went to an antiques place and a winery, and had lunch in Bowral and then came back this arvo.

I was supposed to have dinner with Jas, but her bestest friend Taz had her baby tonight, so we didn't, which really is a lovely reason not to see someone, I can't WAIT to see photos!

*sigh* I really enjoyed Berrima. And, I wish we had glow worms in sydney :( I really liked seeing them, it was so exciting, it reminded me of how we visited when I was really little, and I have been looking forward to visiting them ever since, so I really really had a good time!

Anyway, back to my conceptualisations of lesbians in 20th century australia essay.



P.S - like my layout change?

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