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STUFF - Thursday, May 25, 2006
Hey guys.

The weekend was pretty awesome. On saturday I worked until 1, stuffed myself with food and bought a HUGE amount of alcohol to take to Rodney's. I also bought an outfit. I got back and made my bed, finished tidying my room and got dressed, and then I drove up to collect the girls from randwick. We took photos and then set off to Rodney's!! yay!

It was a pretty long drive, but it took us less time than we expected. 2 odd hours later, we were outside Rodney's house! there was BBQ, and a cake in the shape of an amonite and the CUTEST nephews and neices of Rodney's... we gave him an enlarged picture of all of us at the acquarium in thailand with a photo mat we all signed around the edge.

We played loads of games with his little relatives who were 2 (Kieran) 3 (Lilly) and 6 (Brendan) like flipping bottle tops, drawing their hands and feet on paper (at their request!) and rolling around on the floor. (Ok, that was just me. Haha, just kiddin!)

When all the littlies had gone (as well as the oldies) at around 1 am we all went for a walk down to Govett's leap, which is like 10 mins from Rodney's house. Lucky Bastard. But it was dark so we couldn't see anything but it was still awesome.

Then we all went to sleep on the floor and got woken up at around 7 am when Lilly got dropped off to stay with Rodney's mum while her mother was at work. Around 8:30 or 9:00 Lilly came in (after Rodney's brother told her to!) and lay on our legs and bounced on Kylie's inflatible matress and was generally cute. The she and I had a snuggle and eventually she fell asleep and we rolled her up in a doona and put her on the couch. I hope someone has a photo cos she was so cute!

We all got a shower and then headed off to Leura/home. At Leura we had breakfast/brunch, and visited the lolly shop. Then I dropped Alison off at KFC on the Cumberland Highway for Charlie to pick her up, and dropped Sarah off at home. Then I drove home and went to sleep. I was sooo tired.

When I went out for dinner with the girls on sunday night I was falling asleep the whole time! I was going to put photos up tonight but the site was down for maintenance so I'll have to try again tomorrow.

I also am in the process of applying for a studentship at King's College London in Ancient History! wouldn't that be so awesome. Don't think I'll get it but I'd love to so, so much...

hmm. What else. I made my birthday party invitations tonight. Basically, we're having a champagne brunch in the morning, and then that night I'll have a piss up out on the town with all my mates. Awesome.

Anyway its late and I'm tired so thats it from me. Lots of Love


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