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THE TRAVELLERS RETURN!!! - Sunday, May 07, 2006
Well this weekend was certainly LONG feeling! friday night I wrote my lesbian essay. And wrote and wrote but didn't really get anywhere and spent heaps of time on using the thesaurus to change boring words like 'costly' to more complex words like 'fiscally damaging'! it was pretty dull, as you can imagine. Except for finding out in some countries they still do frontal lobotomies! WHAT!!!

anyway. Moving along. Saturday I worked from 7:45 til 1 ish. I had to open the club and that's fine as long as I get my caramel machiato before I start, and one of the trainers or some random guy from outside helps me with the newspapers since they're in big stacks that are really heavy. And as long as I get to do that word target game where you have to have a certain letter and make as many words as you can out of 9 including that letter. I love that game.

So work was good, I did that, I read my book and contemplated looking at uni stuff but didn't. After work I went to David Jones to look for jiffies, which are those little ballet slippers that are quite cheap and supposedly comfortable. But they weren't comfortable. And they weren't very attractive or cheap so I didn't buy them. So then I went down in the lift and came out opposite Clarins, and Sarah was working. I've been waiting for a while to buy the multi active day cream because I wanted Sarah to get the commission or her daily sales target or whatever. Plus she gave me heaps of uber cool samples which was really sweet of her. She even gave me one for Anna, which was extra nice, as per regular Sarah-ness.

Then I went home and got almost all of the lesbian essay finished! YAY! so excited. I want to go and complete it after I write this. I basically only have the introduction to write but I've written like 5 of them so far and I just can't get it right yet. I also watched ghost busters on tv.

Then today we went to a BBQ with our next door neighbors and I saw their baby, Sienna, for the first time. She's four months old and absolutely gorgeous. Really big eyes and long lashes and sweet little hands and feet. Very cute. I got to hold her and her face is very expressive, she pouted and smiled and flung her body backwards when I was holding her which was quite stresful since I wasn't expecting it! She really liked my boobs though, she had her hand on them the whole time I was holding her. Anna said she was probably thirsty, haha.

lunch was massive, I ate heaps and we had a really nice time. After lunch we came home again and I went for a walk with Anna to return my (possibly extremely overdue) lesbian essay research books to the UNSW library and to work off all the sausage, steak and cake we'd stuffed ourselves with.

I slept for a while because I was really tired instead of writing the intro for my essay like I wanted to, and then I went up for dinner with the girls.

OMG!!!! I SAW CELIA AND JANNA FOR THE FIRST TIME THEY GOT BACK!!! it was so exciting, I missed them so, so much! they both looked very pretty too, they said the Tuscan air was good for their skin, haha, I SO want to live there. We had dinner and told each other what had been happening, and then they gave us presents from their travels! hurrah!

They are so beautiful, I'm so lucky! I got 2 gorgeous silk bags, rose soap from tuscany, a sparkly pink diamante brooch in the shape of a dragon fly, and a cup and saucer set from hong kong or singapore. It's pink, and I think it's for chai or something, its only a little cup, with a beautiful pink orchid design on it. They suggested using it for port since its a bit small for like, a MUG of tea, and I think that is what I will do, since its the perfect size. Slightly bigger than a shot glass and definately bigger than the port glasses we have.

My favourite present though, was venetian glass! it's a beautiful murano glass necklace, pink and clear twisted glass beads with bronzish, goldish swirls shot through it, and simple, round glass beads. I have never seen anything like it, and its gorgeous! its not the type of thing that I would by for myself, but it is so, so me. It's really unusual. If you've ever worn glass jewelry you'll know what I mean when I say that it's gorgeous to wear. When I first put it on it was so cold to touch and silky against my skin. And now it's warmed up against me. I took a photo of all my beautiful presents but I'm too tired to post them today. I'll probably put them up on my photoblog.

So I had a good time today. Dad bought me some more photo paper and a black ink cartridge for my printer so I can print photos off it again! it's a really good printer for photos. You can tell if you KNOW that they're not from a photo lab, but otherwise you probably wouldn't guess.

God, this entry is so long, I'm obviously feeling chatty tonight. Oh I forgot, Celia and Janna also bought us some mirrors (I think handbag type ones) in Hongkong or Singapore, but they sent them home by post so they said to look out for them in like, 3 months, haha, funny postal system! so that is something I'm looking forward to!

I really wasn't expecting anything as extravagant as the gifts they bought us, I'm so lucky to have such sweet friends. I was looking forward to them coming back most of all because I missed them a lot when they were away, I wasn't expecting to be given lots of beautiful presents too!

next week they're bringing the photos to dinner, so that should be interesting, since I've been to some of the places they went to as well.

Anyway, I'm going to go to bed now and dream of travel in europe. I want to go murano! and florence! and tuscany! and... ah shit, I should start saving now. Ptch.



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