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My God. My weird dating life... - Thursday, June 29, 2006
Ugh. I have had. THE WEIRDEST week. Ever.

Purely for my own reference, I just have to write it all down because I wouldn't ever imagine that such a lot of odd things could happen to a person in one week unless I do.

Well I already discussed the crazy stupid messages that I got on monday, and from then on it gets more complicated! After I completely ignored the plug for whatshisnames band, I got a message from a guy I had spoken to last friday - one of the random guys that hit on us. I don't remember what he looks like, except that he was quite short, and dark. But as I was wearing really high heels, he might be fairly tall! Anyway. He asked if I wanted to meet up later in the week and so I said yes. Why the hell not. I never do funny foolish things. Then on tuesday, I have 4 emails in my inbox that were quite odd. 3 messages on my myspace from guys asking if they could be added to my msn and could they marry me? (I told you this whole thing becomes really obscure) The other message in my inbox was from someone from uni who never talked to me but got my email via a friend and really likes me. He signed himself my secret admirer and I'm still trying to decide whether he's

A. Genuine
B. A stalker
C. One of my friends having a laugh.

All in all I have had the fucking most random week. Add to this the fact that I went into the bank to ask for a debit card and the branch manager spoke to me (?!) and gave me his number and told me to call him if I had ANY questions. I think I must have pheramones or something, I am attracting a lot of odd men in weird ways!

And work is ssoooo busy. Jesus. And understaffed. And I'm really busy too! I did pilates yesterday so I'm all sore from that. Then tomorrow, I'm working til 2:30, running up to see Sarah and give her a chocolate/coffee mud cupcake and ask if I can have some samples of stuff PLUS maybe buying something... THEN.. I have to get to randwick to see Jasmine for coffee and she has Kyarna her god daughter with her who I can't wait to see, she is so goddamn cute.

After that I have to go home, have a nap (I will def. Need one!) and then have a special dinner because my sister is going to the Greek Islands on saturday so its her last dinner at home before she goes away. Then I have to meet Celia at 8, have coffee and drinks, Meet Paul at some stage, and meet Janna and Celia's boyfriend Crawford later on. Phew.And I want an early night because I'm doing open on saturday. GROSS. Then after I get home I have to go to the airport with my sister and my parents so we can see her off. And then I will sleep in on sunday. Can't wait

Anyway, until sunday (at the very earliest haha!)



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